Members of Himalayan ethnic group flock to U.S.

...Himalayas in what is now Nepal. They toiled as traders and farmers in the thin mountain air, until a boom in the popularity of Himalayan trekking turned them into sophisticated guides hobnobbing with wealthy foreign tourists. "There are a lot of Sherpas who...

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Peace talks bring tourists back to Kashmir

...SRINAGAR, India - The lines to take cable-car rides to a Himalayan snow field are long. Every viewpoint on the forested mountain...is divided, with Pakistan controlling one-third of the Himalayan region. Both countries claim all of it and have fought two...

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Travelers drawn to spirituality, traditions in India

...fast becoming a top destination for weary, work-worn tourists thanks to an aggressive campaign to push the country's Himalayan spas and secluded beaches, officials say. Tourism officials have been crisscrossing the globe as part of the government's...

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Digital effects create world of 'Sky Captain'

...the World of Tomorrow" is full of visions of the dark, soaring New York cityscape, dogfights in the sky and the majestic Himalayan mountains. But what was the movie set like for the actors? A whole lotta blue. That's because "Sky Captain," despite...

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...according to VSDA VidTrac. 1. Vertical Limit, an action-adventure about the rescue of mountain climbers trapped near the Himalayan summit. Chris O'Donnell and Bill Paxton star (PG-13). 2. What Women Want, a comedy starring Mel Gibson as a man...

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Religion News in Brief

...discouraging festivals, a watchdog group said in a report. The actions are part of a campaign to tighten control of the Himalayan region. Authorities are reducing time for religious study in monasteries by requiring political classes, while ordinary...

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The river of life, death and tourists

...moksha , or spiritual liberation to Hindus. The living cleanse their spirits by washing in the waters that run down from Himalayan snow peaks. That tradition draws a never-ending human current of pilgrims, beginning in predawn darkness each morning...

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In the know

...cakes or vinegar fries. For others it's a trip to the spook house, a kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel or a whirl on the Himalayan. What's your favorite part of the fair? Why do you look forward to that particular thing each year? We'll print answers...

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Elephants, pooper-scoopers take to polo field

...roots go back to the Mogul princes of 18th century India, man and pachyderm began playing it as an organized sport in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal in 1982. Each December, teams from around the world assemble for a weeklong competition against the backdrop...

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