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...certain that any merchant that advertises with rap music in the background will not receive my business! HEY, HIGHWAY department: Are the northbound lanes of the Sandbar Ferry bridge in good repair? The last time I had to go to the VA there...

Rants & Raves

...can give him. God is looking at the nice things he does. NO WONDER OUR STATE tax dollars don't go very far. Highway Department employees use state trucks to go back and forth from home to work. Why is this allowed? Why are my tax dollars...

Rants & Raves

...I'M TIRED OF this racist thing. White people adopt black children. They are not racist. THE SOUTH CAROLINA Highway Department has come through with flying colors. Highway 25 in front of the wonderful and improved Wal-Mart has been completely...

Mary Petersen

...Draftswoman II, and worked in the Engineering Department for the city of Augusta. She also worked at the Texas Highway Department in Houston, Texas, and was employed by the Georgia Department of Transportation in Atlanta, Georgia. Mrs. Petersen...

George Carmichael Sr.

...stories of his experiences in the military. After retiring from the Army, he went to work for the South Carolina Highway Department An avid golfer, he was always happy to be on the golf course with his friends. He was also a skilled builder and...

Charles Parkman

...National Guard where he proudly served six years. He was employed by the South Carolina Highway Department for several years. Upon leaving the Highway Department, he became employed by the E.I. DuPont Company at the Savannah River Plant where...

Edgefield Democrats aim to get seat back

...maintenance? Mr. Anderson: "There needs to be some cost shifting in the state budget to provide more funds to the highway department." Money could be moved out of pet projects, such as the state's competitive grant program. Mr. Massey...

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Rants & Raves

...gets done? That intersection is managed by a red light and yield that no one is obeying.Please South Carolina Highway Department, go to S.C. Hwy 125 and slow down some of those "safety conscious" SRS employees. The speed limit is 55 mph...

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Rants & Raves

...be hard for the amateur world to improve. Wonderful tournament.I'D LIKE TO thank the city of Augusta and the highway department for doing a real good job on Gordon Highway between Barton Chapel Road and North Leg. It really needed repaving...

Rants & Raves

...left turns there in the 1990s. THE COLUMBIA COUNTY Commission has built new county buildings, a new school, a highway department, a health department an animal control. Will the godfathers of Columbia County please put a red light on Long...