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Book chronicles how midcentury modern homes have been preserved, transformed

...many of the homes were expanded, with larger bedrooms, en suite bathrooms, media rooms and wine cellars. Also, higher energy costs meant that glassed-in areas had to be upgraded and homes refitted with state-of-the-art mechanical systems...
Higher energy costs lift consumer prices by 0.5 percent

WASHINGTON -- Sharply higher costs for gasoline and other energy products pushed consumer prices in January up by 0.5 percent, the largest increase in nearly a year.
High energy prices trickle down slightly through the economy

...ago. Yet they illustrate how higher energy costs trickle through less obvious...Washington, N.Y., expects higher energy costs to reverberate through "the...Inc. of St. Louis has cited higher energy costs in announcing price increases...
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Higher oil prices rattle Asia, but China still on buying binge

...Korea is struggling to cope with oil's rising price, but in China, labor is so cheap that businesses can handle higher energy costs, analysts say. "China's overall demand for oil is still increasing. It is only a matter of how fast the demand...
Activists owe Georgia an explanation for opposing progress

...counties in the state. They haven't explained to homeowners across Georgia why they will be forced to swallow ever-higher energy costs -- because the only energy sources Georgia can now develop will drive monthly power bills through the roof. AND...
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...said the increases are necessary to offset inflated raw-material costs, particularly for fiber, in addition to higher energy costs. Past due credit card payments post record WASHINGTON - The percentage of credit card payments that were past due...
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Stocks finish mixed as bull market shows age

...afternoon trading as broader indexes fell and oil prices climbed. Traders continue to look anxiously for signs that higher energy costs will depress corporate earnings, and oil prices stoked that nervousness. A barrel of light crude settled at...
Kleenex-maker Kimberly-Clark to raise prices in U.S. said the increases are necessary to offset inflated raw-material costs, particularly for fiber, as well as higher energy costs. Kimberly-Clark said net sales of its consumer tissue products in the United States totaled more than $2 billion...
Consumer prices rise slightly in October

...rate of 2.8 percent, compared with a 1.6 percent increase in 1998, but all of the acceleration has reflected higher energy costs. Outside the volatile food and energy sectors, prices were up by 0.2 percent leaving the "core" rate of inflation...
Merchants grow cautious about second half

...concerns about oil's impact on the economy; some said higher energy costs are making it harder to run their make purchases. But such factors could fade. Higher energy costs could force companies to cut hiring. And rising...