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Book chronicles how midcentury modern homes have been preserved, transformed

...many of the homes were expanded, with larger bedrooms, en suite bathrooms, media rooms and wine cellars. Also, higher energy costs meant that glassed-in areas had to be upgraded and homes refitted with state-of-the-art mechanical systems...
Wholesale prices spike on steep rise in food, oil

Higher energy costs and the steepest rise in food prices in nearly four decades drove wholesale prices up last month by the most in nearly two years...
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April sales were hopping

...low prices are becoming more important as shoppers face "increasing pressure on their household budgets due to higher energy costs and increasing prices of food, apparel and home merchandise."
Oil rises as OPEC maintains output

NEW YORK --- With their economies slowed by high energy costs, the U.S. and other countries were hoping OPEC would raise production levels and bring down the price of oil.The Organization...
Adult women reject dowdy threads

...with designer knockoffs, refreshed frequently. Analysts and company executives also blame the fashion funk on higher energy costs and a slumping housing market. The economy is squeezing shoppers such as Ms. Colby, who are more vulnerable than...
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Business groups lay out agenda

...exemption in favor of measures to help consumers with their household energy bills. Though prices have dropped, high energy costs continue to cut into numerous plants' operating expenses in Georgia. "Obviously here in Augusta, it has a bigger...
Impact being felt in growth

...Chairman Alan Greenspan said Wednesday that while the country has been able to absorb sharp increases in oil prices, high energy costs are beginning to stunt economic growth. But he also said sharply higher oil prices have not produced any "serious...
Retailers report solid sales in May

...consumer spending. But that cushion could well evaporate as companies look for ways to cut labor costs as they battle higher energy costs and other expenses. The Labor Department on Thursday reported that the number of newly laid off workers filing...
Pro-nuclear stance criticized

...has just moved light-years ahead, " he said. "I don't mean to dismiss them, but what is their solution (to high energy costs)? What is their answer for the needs of this country, and it can't be just, 'Let's conserve.'"
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Picky shoppers keep challenging merchants

...are expected to continue challenging merchants in 2006, particularly discounters and midlevel department stores. High energy costs, modest wage increases and a slowdown in the housing market are expected to restrain consumer spending, forcing...