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Dictionaries doomed in high-tech world

There is no need to lift a heavy book and thumb through those flimsy, Bible-like pages to find enlightenment. For this reason, I suspect, good, old-fashioned dictionaries are doomed.
Kirby: A slide rule numbers ninja is a thing of the past

...down because pretty soon nobody will remember all our educational low-technology that created today's successful high-tech world.Things such as: OLD SCHOOL: Blackboards, which were usually green, but still called blackboards. You wrote...
Businesses oppose reform bill

...actually make it tougher to find employees with the specific skills and experience they need in the fast-changing high-tech world. Currently, high-tech companies recruit specific foreigners who possess the precise skills they need. These...
TV Lookout: highlights (and lowlights) for the week

...inmate. - "E-Ring" (9 p.m., NBC). A slick, fast-paced thriller about global security set in the high-tech world of the Pentagon. Stars Benjamin Bratt and Dennis Hopper. - "Invasion" (10 p.m., ABC). Set in a small Florida...
Homework shines an appealing light on adulthood

...faulting family members rarely works. STRATEGY NO. 2: Technical difficulties. This is a very common excuse in our high-tech world. Computers are wonderful things, but computers are also prone to failure. Everyone knows that and these excuses...
Bill Kirby
Educate Americans, boost voter turnout

...most basic of our civic responsibilities, is relevant to the sum of our efforts in each community. In a complex, high-tech world of polling, advertising and "spin," the basics still apply - politicians listen to voters - if we vote. (Editor's...
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Technology center lets science work

...Support Center develops techniques and technologies to help law enforcement agencies combat crime in an increasingly high-tech world. "Technology is with us to stay," said the law enforcement lab's Paul Deason. "The bad news, of course...
XXX Technology
Internet, computers affect learning

...and spontaneity, and can help students with creative writing assignments, such as writing poetry." Even in a high-tech world, basic approaches still work well, she said. Writing often in many different disciplines and different styles...
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Help wanted: NFL, NBA make their pitch to minorities

NEW YORK -- The NFL and NBA are hanging out help wanted signs. And those who can function in the high-tech world of the 21st century are asked to apply. Appearing at the Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/Push Wall Street Project, NFL commissioner...
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Grants aid hiring of elderly

A high-tech world requires high-tech training, and South Carolina businesses could be compensated for providing that valuable know-how to older...