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PBS debuts high-definition TV with week of specials

...conjunction with public station NHK-TV in Japan, the Seattle station became the first in the United States to produce high-definition TV programming. The very first show, the 15-minute "Over California," used a Vietnam-era Huey helicopter to...
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HDTV enhances Super Bowl experience

...NEW YORK --- If you haven't yet sprung for a high-definition TV set, the week before Super Bowl is a good time...TV Some useful terms to know when shopping for a high-definition TV set: 24p, or 1080p24: A set with this feature...
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Broadcasters still deciding how to utilize digital TV

...allowed them to decide how to use those channels: for high-definition TV, regular digital or some combination. Now, however...broadcaster who decides against offering the sharp, new high-definition TV will be breaking a promise to Congress. "The record...
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Thanksgiving trumps Black Friday for deals

...Thanksgiving specials is a $899 55-inch LED Smart TV, the lowest price it has ever offered on a Samsung ultra-high definition TV of this size. That will be available on Friday -if supplies last."Naturally, more of the deals are being pulled...
Hangout house keeps kids, friends nearby

...friends over, especially the two older boys.Kids play on gaming systems or watch football on the 120-inch, high-definition TV with surround sound, enjoy the fire pit, practice musical instruments and "just lie all over the place" on couches...
High-definition TV broadcasts begin

LOS ANGELES -- High-definition television broadcasts officially debut in more than 30 cities Sunday, but few Americans will get to see the the wider view and the bright, crystal-clear images. Not only does the equipment cost $5,000 to $12,000, depending on the screen size and other features. But many stores are still waiting for manufacturers to ship enough sets and the special tuners needed to receive the signal.
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CBS to show NFL games on high definition TV

NEW YORK -- High definition television is coming to the NFL, courtesy of CBS. The network announced on Thursday that will telecast four AFC games including the conference championship with the new technology, produced and transmitted independently of the regular analog game broadcast. That means a second production truck will be on site for each game, with full high definition hardware.
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VOOM offers 15 high-def, eye-popping TV channels

...eyes in the electronics store. Dangerous?! One glance, and you're seized by desire. That's the threat of high-definition TV, however determined a viewer may be to stick with his old TV set a while longer. Now, as of February, VOOM has...
NFL to use HD technology to review plays

...high definition technology for its officials to use to review plays on the field. "As more people were getting high definition TV at home, they actually had a better view than the referee charged with making the decision," said Dean Blandino...
Broadcast veteran at WFXG retiring

...time coming. "I've enjoyed my career. I've witnessed many changes in our industry, from color television to high-definition TV to social media and everything in between," he said. "I feel like I want to travel and spend more time with...