Obama administration unveils plan to shift Medicare payments

...Another approach is known as a medical home, in which nurses monitor patients with chronic conditions such as high blood pressure to make sure they are within acceptable ranges.HHS also set a goal of tying 85 percent of all payments under traditional...

High-blood pressure in midlife raises risk of senility

DALLAS -- Treating high blood pressure in middle age can lower the...their 70s, even moderately high blood pressure -- and to a lesser extent...message is, if you've got high blood pressure or you smoke or you drink...

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Across South Carolina

...and appeared to be intoxicated. There was no wreck.Allen issued a statement Tuesday saying he suffered from a high blood pressure incident. Emergency workers took him to an Anderson hospital before he was taken to jail.

New heart guidelines allow higher blood pressures

...Are you taking medication for high blood pressure? You may not need to anymore...American Medical Association.High blood pressure, also called hypertension...heart disease and stroke. High blood pressure is called "the silent killer...

Study: nearly a third of Americans have high blood pressure

...third of American adults have high blood pressure, putting them at greater risk...to one in four Americans had high blood pressure, and two decades ago the rate...million American adults now have high blood pressure - 30 percent more than the...

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Study: Overweight people with high blood pressure are at risk

...overweight people who also had high blood pressure were at significantly greater...cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure (hypertension), only high blood pressure made a difference in the risk...

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Moderate drinking may benefit high blood pressure patients

...heart-related deaths in men with high blood pressure, new research suggests, challenging...patients. In the study, men with high blood pressure who reported having about one...generally advises patients with high blood pressure to avoid alcohol. The latest...

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Study: Young men with high blood pressure more likely to die of heart disease

...be just as concerned about high blood pressure as middle-aged and older...the long-term effects of high blood pressure in young men, said Daviglus...might also be attributed to high blood pressure because other diseases, such...

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High folate intake may reduce risk of high blood pressure

...sharply lower risk of developing high blood pressure, a study of 150,000 women...Participants did not have a history of high blood pressure. Younger women who consumed...18 percent reduced risk of high blood pressure from consuming high levels...

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Aggressive treatment recommended for blacks with high blood pressure

...CHICAGO -- Most blacks with high blood pressure need aggressive treatment...billed as the first-ever high blood pressure guidelines specifically for...Association's Council on High Blood Pressure Research. "This represents...

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