Gourmet herbs are simple way to spice up garden

...unfiltered light shining down on the herbs induces, fairly quickly, higher...down to the use of culinary herbs ? how much to use and how to pick them, Ball said."Herb flavor declines and changes...growing seed stalks."Culinary herbs make a good alternative cash...

Grow herbs now, savor and show off at the holidays

...Any one or all of the holiday herbs (parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme) will do. Package the herbs on the side if the gift cheeses...eaten for a few days. Or make herb butter. Slice some quartered...the butter to soften, add the herbs, spread into molds (small...

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Herbs can add flavor to your holidays

...operates the Golden Owl Herb Farm at Sumerduck, Va...from white to blue." Herbs can be annual, perennial...windowsills." Culinary herbs, whether used fresh or...the Net: For more about herbs and herb growing, see the U.S...

Got herbs? Make vinegars, oils and honeys

...strain and discard the herbs. If you are giving...fresh sprig of the herb for a decorative touch...canola oil. Cordials Herb-infused vodka is...Lemon-flavored herbs work well. Combine...tarragon or fennel. Herb Butters Perk up almost...finely chopped fresh herbs to 8 ounces of room...

Fresh herbs add pizzazz to your favorite dishes

...three times more fresh herbs than dried when substituting...teaspoon of a dried herb, in general you'll...WHAT TO DO WITH THE HERBS YOU CAN BUY AT THE...closest thing to an herb at most supermarkets...why not give other herbs a try? Fresh basil...recipe for tomato-herb salad, to pesto sauce...

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Prime thyme for herbs The culinary sages are cultivating their own in growing numbers these days

...diets are cooking with herbs for flavor. Gardening centers have begun to stock herb plants, and at least...sprung up, the Plot of Herbs at 2220 Lumpkin Road. Laura Zanger sells herb plants as well as dried herbs and herbal products and...

Cooks, gardeners grow their own herbs

...easy when it comes to herbs that fare well both...Gillingham, who has an herb garden and works at...than a dozen types of herb seedlings and seeds are sold. "Herbs work very well in...a problem for most herb gardeners. "I cook...Once you use fresh herbs, you can't go back...

Medicinal herbs require caution

...swing, and medicinal herbs are as readily available...get the most out of the herb, you must know what you're doing. Some herbs, such as ginkgo biloba...cancer. "Some of the herbs can be dangerous. Like...treatment for AIDS. Once the herb starts to flower, gardeners...

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Success with herbs requires knowledge

...mundane into the memorable. Dried herbs will deepen and change the taste...awakening of the taste buds. Pot-grown herbs allow you to place your plants in...raising the best-tasting fresh herbs. Herb growers know that with certain varieties...

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Herbs add tasty kick to chicken

...the stove. For our lemon-herb chicken, we simplified what...dish that features fresh herbs. We coat the chicken parts...a side of rice, lemon-herb chicken is proof of the power of fresh herbs. LEMON-HERB CHICKEN WITH YOGURT DILL...