Six principals replaced by school board

...Freedom Park School principal.? Freedom Park Principal Pauline Andrews was named Sego Middle School principal.? Hephzibah Middle School Principal Larina Thomas was named principal of Hephzibah High School.? Hephzibah High Principal Walter Reeves...

Education policy change puts renewed emphasis on social studies

...teaching social studies and another subject. BILLTERRANCE STREETMAN, an eighth grade social studies teacher at Hephzibah Middle School, said he is one of only two social studies teachers at his school who don't have to split their time on other...

Rants & Raves

Comments from readers: A RAVE TO HEPHZIBAH Middle School's principal: I have been a teacher for the school for 12 years, and she is by far the best leader we've had. It's nice...

Rants & Raves

...If it had been allowed to spew for six more days, it would have been disastrous.RAVE TO THE PRINCIPAL at Hephzibah Middle School. I have sent four kids through HMS. It's such a blessing to finally have someone who the teachers respect...

Program gives second chance to failing students

...program) helps them stay with their peers."The district first tried the program in 2008 with a group of about 16 Hephzibah Middle School students who were held back but allowed to take classes at Hephzibah High and progress to the 10th grade the next...

Fight that injured custodian heads tribunal findings

...allowed to ride the bus for the rest of this semester and was placed on probation for the rest of the year.? A Hephzibah Middle School student admitted Sept. 28 to having brought marijuana to the school two weeks earlier and showing it to other students...

Richmond County pupils disciplined

...threatening notes to a female student Oct. 11. She was given time served and placed on a behavior contract.? Two Hephzibah Middle School students cut other students with a piece of metal Oct. 10. Both were asked to cut the others. They were assigned...

Hephzibah High student punches teacher in face at powder puff football game

...student was assigned to the alternative program for the rest of the school year.? During an altercation, a Hephzibah Middle School pupil, who had a box cutter in his possession, threatened to stab another pupil on the bus Nov. 1 with a compass...

Dangerous crimes in Richmond County schools drop

...criminal instances than the year before. Lucy C. Laney High, Freedom Park Elementary, Glenn Hills Middle and Hephzibah Middle schools all had an increase in felony weapons cases.Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School went from zero crimes in 2010-11...

Imperious name change is an outrage

...Daniel and those who conspired to do him harm.We are passionate about this name change. No matter what happens, I never will call the merged university by its currently imposed name. (The writer is a teacher at Hephzibah Middle School.)