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Wait continues for Andy Murray, Britain after Wimbledon loss

...for thousands of dollars online.And on Aorangi Terrace - the large slope at the All England Club previously known as Henman Hill and now commonly referred to as Murray Mount - thousands gathered to watch the match on a giant video screen and witness...
Andy Murray is first Brit to make Wimbledon finals in 74 years

...walked to the center of the court to receive the ovation, both fingers pointed skyward in his signature gesture.On Henman Hill ? where the crowds used to gather to watch Henman's many near-misses but now flock to watch Murray ? fans let out...
People's Sunday brings out Henman's best

...kick-started," Henman said. "With their support and noise, the pressure gets greater and greater on my opponent." Out on Henman Hill, the grassy slope where fans without fancy tickets can watch their favorite player's matches on a giant TV, it was...
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Ivanisevic reaches final against Rafter

...Henman, who hails from Oxford, wasn't the only one who was disappointed when it ended. So were the fans who filled Henman Hill, where a huge video screen was set up inside the Wimbledon grounds. Others waiting in line to buy tickets for the...
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Williams plays waiting game but no tennis at Wimbledon

...Some 27,000 fans patiently waited out the rain. Many spent the afternoon on the large picnic terrace now nicknamed "Henman Hill," where those without Centre Court tickets gathered before a large-screen TV to cheer on Britain's national hero...
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