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Schools chief focuses on halting sex crimes

...prosecutor to come up with ideas to take to the Legislature. "I am sure that in recent weeks you have witnessed the heavy media coverage ... regarding recent incidences of teachers and other school volunteers and personnel conducting themselves in...
Blood bag maker says substance is natural," Patricia A. Callicoat, the region's chief executive officer, said in a statement. Callicoat said heavy media coverage of the region's quarantine of 70 percent of its blood supply Sunday generated donations of only 613 units of...
Riot suspects seek separate trials

...refused, and Mr. Fulton asked Judge Uhler to order an out-of-county jury to hear the matter because of the heavy media coverage. The coverage, Mr. Fulton said, has been "at times prejudicial" and focused on the prosecution's case...
Governor's reforms have favored a few

...August, when the state exempted computers, school supplies and clothing from the sales tax. The event attracted heavy media coverage, and anyone who went shopping got the benefit if they purchased items from a narrowly tailored category of goods...
Meningitis upswing a concern

...Africa routinely kill hundreds and sicken thousands. Yet news of an infected child in school or day care often gets heavy media coverage and terrifies parents. "No disease causes more panic, and panic is not entirely inappropriate," Dr. Storch...
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Across Georgia

...high-profile trials, they are relatively rare for grand jury proceedings. Dr. Corbin's attorneys argued heavy media coverage surrounding the arrest could have tainted the grand jury pool. Jennifer Corbin was found shot in the couple's...
Huge U.S. troop reinforcements arriving in gulf kept out of sight

...Kuwait daily in the biggest military buildup in the region since the Gulf War - but it's hard to tell. After heavy media coverage of their departure from bases in the United States this week, complete with teary embraces with relatives and...
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