Largest-ever survey of the heavens about to start

...The most ambitious mapping of the heavens ever undertaken is about to start from...the same images experts use to study the heavens. "This is not just a telescope," said...a 35-foot-long photo swatch of the heavens taken during the project's "first light...

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Gloria Browning

...In the fullness of time, God called home Gloria Williams Browning, 64, where she met her loving husband George L. at Heaven's Gates on Saturday, August 23, 2014. Gloria was born in Wrens, GA, but was a lifelong resident of Augusta. She was...

Hubble's return to the heavens

...six crew members, in five languages. "It is very special on Christmas Day that we're going to return Hubble back to the heavens and allow it to look at the stars like people did thousands and thousands of years ago," Brown said earlier in the day...

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Evans native helps Syrian refugees

...Lebanon. To hear a story of incalculable evil while being surrounded by people who are showing endless grace is like witnessing heaven and hell collide right before your eyes.We told the family that we would continue to support Syrians who have fled the war...

'A naked abuse of power'

...shame.But that's not a criminal act, as Dershowitz points out. It's a political miscalculation. And, we might add, heaven help us if we have now criminalized political slips.In free countries, we punish leaders for doing things we find politically...

Justice vs. A Pound of Flesh

...the officer would produce "havoc" in the streets that would make the recent protests "seem like a picnic" in comparison.Heaven help Ferguson if the officer is eventually acquitted. Its "leaders" have made anything but a conviction look like a racial...

Does creation story have links with pagan myths?

...sentences ever written: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." The Bible opens by depicting the creation...the end, Marduk splits open the body of Tiamat to create the heavens and various aspects of the earth. Obviously this lusty yarn...

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Patriotic reflections

var photosTreatment = "standalone"; Names stretch to the heavens at the traveling Vietnam War Memorial Wall at Hillcrest Memorial Park in Augusta. The wall is inscribed with the names of the...

Creation theories offer comfort, hope

"In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth." So begins the most famous creation story ever told, read and memorized by millions of people around the world...

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