Property transfers

...Field, Unit 307, Whites Building Condo, $65,000Carbon Construction LLC to Robert W. Jones Sr., Lot A32, Phase I, Heathers Glenn, $122,500Marcelle A. Rochon to William Tyler Ellisor and Michelle A. Ellisor, Tracts A, B and C, Plat Book 36C...

Property transfers

...transfer was recorded in the clerk's office.MARCH 26Bruce Tice and Teresa Tice to Carl Edward Thomas, Lot A30, Phase I, Heathers Glenn, $125,000Charles A. Silas, Patsy B. Silas and Patsy R. Silas to Lawrence W. Chavous Jr., 1 acre, Part of...

At the Movies: 'Mean Girls'

...updated version of the best teen comedies of the 1980s, like "Heathers" and "Sixteen Candles." While it definitely captures elements...queen bees who buzz through the high school halls, like "Heathers." There's the acutely observant depictions of various cliques...

At the movies: 'The Rules of Attraction'

...Bulimia is SO '87," one Heather snarls as another Heather is puking up her lunch in the girls' bathroom in 1989's "Heathers." The same can be said of "The Rules of Attraction." It feels SO '87. That's the year the book on which it's based...

The big screen

...Butthead and King of the Hill. It's about the plight of white-collar drones in corporate America. JAWBREAKER: Like a Heathers for the end of the century, Jawbreakers is a dark comedy about the quest for popularity in high school. Underneath their...

Property transfers

...Block A, Manchester, $207,900Barbara D. Hiler and George R. Hiler to Demond L. Brown, 1923 Heathers Court, Lot B42, Phase II, Heathers Glen, $129,900Department of Veterans Affairs to Kais Maalej, Lot, on the south side of Milledgeville...

Property transfers

...R173 Page 2370, 3935 Lace Road, $190,000Julie G. Barber and William G. Barber to Diavalo F. Washington, Lot A49, Heathers Glen, $130,000DEC. 2Samuel Paul Kitchens to Georgia D. Hampton, Part of Lot 166, Plat Book 3C Page 298, 612 Crawford...

Property transfers

...Fairington, $82,900Carbon Construction LLC and Cliff Russell to Tiffane N. Terrell and Tobias J. Terrell, Lot A34, Phase I, Heathers Glenn, $164,900Sona Kim Limon to T. Belair LLC, 1.269 acres, Tract IIB, Deed Book R315 Page 1305, Deed Book R321...

Property Transfers

...JULY 15Charles R. Brown, Jacqualyn B. Brown and Jackqueline B. Brown to Troy L. Stephens, 1815 Heathers Way, Lot A41, Phase I, Heathers Glen, $129,900Les Agner to Lisa S. Johnson, Lot 50, on the east side of Moore Avenue, Plat Book...

Property transfers

...Mortgage Association to Jacquetta Williams, 1824 Heathers Way, Lot B27, Heathers GlenDepartment of Housing and Urban Development...Cliff Russell to Latoya Boyd, Lot A35, Phase I, Heathers Glenn, $140,600Wachovia Bank NA and Wells...