4,000 people participate in North Augusta CSRA Heart Walk

...Association."It's been three years since I lost my mom to heart disease, and less than a year ? in September ? that I lost...from the American Heart Association."Survivors of heart disease were honored Saturday with red hats, and victims were...

Stars' Rich Peverley undergoing heart tests after collapsing

...Barry Maron of the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation. "That's the key. A symptomatic athlete with known heart disease who's out there. That would not seem to be optimal."Ruff said there were no previous concerns about Peverley...

Sebelius urges Georgians to sign up for exchange

...that black women are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease, and are 40 percent more likely to die from breast...suffer from chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease and HIV."It's not rocket science; we need our...

Heart disease and symptoms different for women

...That is not unusual. Women with heart disease or even heart attacks often have...Day to help promote awareness of heart disease in women, which is the No. 1...longterm studies. The bottom line is heart disease risk, how to recognize it and...

Heart disease plagues Augusta

...joining a national epidemic of heart disease deaths that is particularly bad...county-by-county death toll from heart disease in men and brought into sharp...Richmond County, the death rate from heart disease works out to 827 deaths per 100...

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Gene linked to increased heart-disease risk in blacks

...six-fold increase in risk for heart disease among African Americans, according...an independent risk factor for heart disease in blacks," said Dr. Kenneth...structure was not associated with heart-disease risk in Caucasians. Wu said the...

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Working together to fight heart disease in women

...HeartAdvantage to fight the epidemic of heart disease in women.While Americans have thought for years that heart disease was a man's disease,' more...better prevent, detect and treat heart disease. "Our primary goal is awareness...

Repeated infections may boost risk for heart disease

...person's risk of dying from heart disease - the number of infectious agents...viral infections contribute to heart disease. No one's sure how germs contribute...suffered in the past by those with heart disease have suggested links to everything...

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Heart-disease could be foiled by vitamins

A vitamin a day to keep heart disease at bay? Could be. The new bad guy for heart disease - an amino acid called homocysteine...reduce the homocysteine-related heart-disease risk by 40 percent in any particular...

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Heart disease: Treatment gaining ground

...Americans are dying each year from heart disease, but the number of people suffering...treatment is outstripping prevention. Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in...suggest that efforts to recognize heart disease early and to get people to adopt...

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