FDA tells food industry to phase out artificial trans fats

...favorite foods, but the administration says the move will reduce coronary heart disease and prevent thousands of fatal heart attacks every year.Scientists say there are no health benefits to the fats, which are used in processing food and in restaurants...

Heart attacks and vulnerable plaque

...For a long time, the cause of heart attacks seemed so simple, so obvious...Medicine's understanding of what causes heart attacks is undergoing a rewrite. Contrary...more than 15 percent or so of all heart attacks. Instead, it's the far more...

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Heart attacks most common in winter, nighttime and Mondays

DALLAS -- Heart attacks are more common in winter than summer...They're more likely to be fatal. Heart attacks, of course, can happen any time...drugs can blunt the morning peak in heart attacks. At the annual meeting of the American...

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Treating heart attacks on golf courses

...better medical equipment available for golfers who have heart attacks on the course. An AHA study last year found golf courses are among the most common public places where heart attacks occur. The study also showed that survival rates from...

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Study: Age explains why women more likely to die after heart attacks

...more likely than men to die after heart attacks largely has to do with their higher...over the years after shown that heart attacks are much more likely to be fatal...the first 35 days after their heart attacks. However, the women were considerably...

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Activity can slow cognitive decline, study suggests

...However, it has been unable to crack the code of dementia. For family members, it is a disease more devastating than heart attacks or diabetes.Research has focused on recognizing cognitive decline early before it worsens into frank dementia. A...

Augusta 911 Center opens its doors to the public

...m. today."Our office is the hub for just about everything in Richmond County," Philpot said. "From fires to heart attacks to shootings, we get it all. Anything you can think of that's an emergency, we get through our system."In honor...

Prison urged for SC cops who stunned handicapped woman

...asked for a six-month prison sentence and six months of home detention because he is in poor health after several heart attacks suffered before age 39. The lawyer added that Walters had a good record as an officer before the incident. Brown's...

Medicine Today: Treatment time improving for heart attacks

Heart attacks are one of the scariest medical conditions...muscle is called a heart attack.Some heart attacks can be small, and the heart might continue...the importance of time to treatment in heart attacks, the national standard for removing...

Male breast cancer focus of charity game

Cecil Herrin had already had two heart attacks when he found a hard lump the size of a BB in his right...Herrin said. "It was devastation. I've had two heart attacks. Those scared me. But when they tell you, 'You have...