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Small farmers turn to mobile slaughterhouses

...other pests. Once birds arrive, Skelton verifies that growers meet legal requirements and that their livestock is healthy.Workers place the birds upside down in metal cones, stun them and kill them by slicing their necks. Afterward, the carcasses...
Group says Romney plan would increase uninsured

...specifically how he would do it, according to the analysis. That would be helpful to businesses with younger, healthier workers but might be present problems for those with older workers, according to the analysis.
Georgia Democrats join defense of health reform law

...the expense of premiums from income on their tax returns has an economic benefit, she said."If we do not have healthy workers, we do not have money coming into the state," she said. "This is good for small businesses' bottom line...
Fitness program helps city employees

...was the first to enroll," he said. City administrators say they're constantly looking for ways to cultivate healthier workers, adding activities such as pickup basketball games to their offerings. "We're trying to come up with some programs...
Firms learn health tactics

...front, but prevention is worth it." The state group is creating seminars and workshops to educate employers on how healthier workers can cut costs. "If these 12 percent to 17 percent annual rises keep coming, it will cost about $45,000 a year...
Study tracks mortality at nuclear plants

...Thursday that a common bias in such studies might have skewed the results. The findings might be influenced by the "healthy worker" effect, said Gregg S. Wilkinson of the State University of New York at Buffalo. That effect stems from the fact...
What is a consumer-driven health plan?

...annually, said a Humana spokesman, Tom Noland. But most of the people opting for the plans so far are younger, healthier workers who don't run up big medical bills, said Joe Martingale, national leader for health care strategy at benefits...
Opposes restaurant smoking ban

...embarrassing us now. We don't need one more! The Health Board's responsibility is to ensure clean restaurants with healthy workers. Let the free enterprise system take care of the rest. Ron Gadapee, Augusta
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