Rants & Raves

...wearing seat belts free chicken sandwiches and lemonade. DID ANYONE REALLY think that Obamacare was really about health insurance? Wrong! Money and power. The people that "we the people" elect to make decisions, get fabulous health-care...

Rants & Raves

...troops fighting two foreign wars. Now those troops are home, unemployment is down, and millions of Americans have health insurance. HEY, OP-ED "RANT" joining the babble from the "save planet" group. Y'all should send a real reporter...

Rants & Raves

...up. Brady is a football player. It's not like he told millions of Americans they could keep their doctor and health insurance. THE 25-YEAR-OLD white New York police officer who was shot in the head by a black assailant has died. I am...

Obama administration offers a second sign-up chance for uninsured people hit with fines

...people hit with new federal fines for going without health insurance got a second chance to sign up, which started Sunday...a refund might be willing to spend some of it on health insurance.Mark Ciaramitaro, vice president of health care...

UnitedHealth hikes forecast, shares edge to new heights

...partially by growth outside health insurance.The nation's largest health...better profitability than the health insurance side, BMO Capital Markets analyst...Jennifer Lynch said.Still, the health insurance side was no drag on the quarter's...

Income inequality flap is much understated through deceptive data

...inequality has increased, and disturbingly so.The Census Bureau does not take account of taxes, capital gains, health insurance premiums, food stamps or other benefits. Piketty and Saez use income from individual tax returns, which excludes...

Christ Community to host health insurance forum Tuesday

Christ Community Health Services Augusta will host a free forum Tuesday to educate the public about how health insurance works and obtaining the maximum benefits.Ronald Skenes, the director of communications and development, said...

Side effects to make you sick

...only the government made it this simple for individuals to negotiate the tax code, or for companies to hire new workers. There probably wouldn't be so many people lining up for taxpayer-funded health insurance and food stamps.

South Carolinians split on religious freedom debate

...for U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham.Likely GOP voters who answered poll questions also weighed in on what services health insurance providers should offer.Most of them, 55.5 percent, said birth control should be provided. Half of respondents...

Health insurance giant's database hacked

...INDIANAPOLIS - Hackers broke into a health insurance database storing information...private individual and group health insurance, plans on the health care overhaul's...obtain stolen Social Security or health insurance account numbers have shown more...