Grants allow clinics to do more primary care

...into private insurance plans through the Affordable Care Act."Some employers have also started offering employees health insurance in anticipation of an employer mandate that kicks in next year, Drake said.

Georgia regents seek $2 billion for state schools

...schools. Tuition, fees and research grants make up the rest.Two-thirds of the requested increase is to cover health insurance and other benefits, even though the board also voted to raise health premiums, deductibles and co-payments that...

Tax refunds could get hit due to health law credits

...getting tax credits to help pay health insurance premiums under Pres i dent Obama's...million households have gotten health insurance tax credits, and major tax...subsidized coverage on the new health insurance exchanges is $264 a month...

Regents asked to boost health premiums, deductibles

...Georgia are likely to wind up with an increase in their health insurance premiums, co-pays and deductibles after the Board...regents expect to spend $19.2 million more on health insurance in 2015 plus the $14.6 million in additional premiums...

The biggest bailout

...that taxpayers likely will be forced to bail out health insurance companies that are losing money in the president's...personally conducted damage control with nervous health insurance companies that said they couldn't hold Obamacare...

Christ Community to host health insurance forum Tuesday

Christ Community Health Services Augusta will host a free forum Tuesday to educate the public about how health insurance works and obtaining the maximum benefits.Ronald Skenes, the director of communications and development, said...

University to add Aiken Prompt Care

...they can get into an after-hours urgent care," he said.Part of that demand might be coming from people who got health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, Davis said."They are probably going to start looking around for a primary care...

Court is paternalistic

...accept.The effect of this case can be undone by requiring any employers with strong religious interests not to offer health insurance. They should be directed to provide their employees the money they now pay, and let them get the insurance they...

Insurance navigators still working as 300,000 questioned

Terri Gant's role as an insurance navigator helping people through the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace never really ended.Months after open enrollment ended and months before the next one begins, she is still enrolling...

Georgia Medicaid surge leads nation

...Medicaid and their Children's Health Insurance Program rise by 4 percent...when open enrollment on the health insurance exchanges began.The enrollment...of Georgians who don't have health insurance declined slightly this year...