Suspect caught during cop training

SAVANNAH, Ga. - Police in coastal Georgia say charges will likely be filed against a man who robbed a health food store and was caught while authorities were conducting a training exercise.Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police spokesman...

Time with dogs is better than vacation time

...that they are both allergic to dog food, or should I say cheap dog food. Which is why we shop at the pet gourmet/health food store.Naturally, both are required to eat different brands, and also, naturally, both want what's in the other's...

Get your fast food facts

...the lower class family is more inclined to eat fast less than the higher class family who can afford to eat at a health food store."Finally Baye said that it is all about education: "teach people about what they are eating like, staying away...

Productive professions

...North Augusta, farmers markets in Columbia, several health food stores and his North Augusta office at East Pine Grove Avenue...there. I like to get out and just see nature." A health food store in Lexington, S.C., 14 Carrot Whole Foods...

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Residents share input on master plan for Augusta

...Arts and Design - Developing more parking spaces - Improving public safety services - Attracting a supermarket or health food store - Creating a shuttle bus between the medical district and downtown - Improving downtown streetscapes - Capitalizing...

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Simple orange smoothie can be enjoyed anytime

...What he poured into a glass a few seconds later was a cold and frothy drink that would eventually turn a sleepy health food store drink into a billion dollar smoothie business. Freed's customers lined up to buy the concoction. "Give me an...

Pasta with spicy almond pesto

...Until recently, the recipe editor notes, finding a nut butter made from anything but peanuts meant going to the health food store or grinding your own. Today, supermarkets sell a broad range of nut butters and one of them makes a great shortcut...

Flavor by grain choice

...supermarkets. Red lentils, black beluga lentils (like those in the photograph) and French green lentils are available in health food stores and gourmet groceries. Other canned bean options include chickpeas, white beans (navy, great Northern or cannellini...

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Chefs offer new recipes using olive oil

...vitamin C powder in the creme's preparation to keep the avocado from turning brown (the powder is available at health food stores). Olive Oil-Avocado Creme ¼ teaspoon vitamin C powder 3 tablespoons water 2 ripe Haas avocados, peeled, pitted...

Easy to make low-fat Asian chicken with scallions

...for miso, fermented soybean paste, a great carrier of flavors. Miso can be found in the refrigerated section in health food stores and Asian markets. You can make this dish with fresh ginger or prepare it with garlic cloves pushed through a press...