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William Reinig

...School of Engineering). He served in the Navy during World War II. After the war, Reinig worked as a reactor health physicist at the Hanford Works in Washington State and subsequently as leader of the radiation protection program for the nation's...
Alarmists don't reveal the whole story on radiation exposure

...National Academy of Sciences has never backed off from its endorsement of the concept dating back to the 1940s. Health physicists have used the concept to good advantage to minimize radiation exposure to radiation workers, and the Environmental...
Charles H. Cofer (LOUISVILLE, Ga.)

...Augusta State and graduated with a Bachelor degree in Physics. He worked many years at the Savannah River plant as a health physicist. He was also instrumental in starting the Emergency Preparedness Program for Aiken County(s)and(s)following...
Study says water clean near facility

...1989 because of chemical and radiological groundwater contamination on SRS property, according to Carol Connell, a health physicist assigned to the study. In its evaluation, the agency found no contamination beyond the border nor in any off-site...
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A clean bill of health

...Theoretically, any exposure to carcinogens, no matter how low, increases your chances of cancer," said CDC health physicist C.M. Wood. But at SRS, "The exposures of radiation were just too low to have caused any observable health effects...
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Scare tactics do disservice to Vogtle

...quality of life by creating good paying jobs, supporting the local tax base and providing clean electricity. Ralph Andersen, Washington, D.C. (Editor's note: The writer is chief health physicist at the Nuclear Energy Institute.)
Nation must remain vigilant of nuclear terror policy. Without a well-planned strategy to destroy the rest of Russia's stockpile, nuclear terrorism may be only a matter of time. (Editor's note: The writer is a retired health physicist from Savannah River Site.)
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Plutonium trail could get longer

...indicated that the ramifications of using "generic Midwestern" reactors are being considered. David Brown, a health physicist with the Nuclear Materials Safety & Safeguards division of the NRC, said an increase of hundreds of miles of travel...
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Probe of radioactive particles on worker clothes

...licensed material," Dricks said. The agency on Tuesday classified the event as an "unusual occurrence" and sent a health physicist from its Midwest regional office in a Chicago suburb to FirstEnergy Corp.'s Davis-Besse nuclear plant to investigate...
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Ex-member says board split into groups with different goals

...Occupation: Real estate broker and developer, retired lieutenant colonel in U.S. Air Force Arthur Belge Occupation: Health physicist, Georgia Power Co. Thomas Costikyan Occupation: Retired supervising officer, U.S. Navy Special Weapons Command...
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