CDC: Big food illness outbreaks deadly but rare

...official from the Richmond County Health Department.As it was releasing its planned...with state and local public health departments, are increasingly able to...health county manager for the health department. Normally, the culprit is...

Reduce traffic injuries

...enforcement, engineering, EMS and education. Warning tickets are a form of education.In Augusta the Richmond County Health Department was funded by the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, from the NHTSA, for five years (1997-2002) to study...

New York City to require salt warnings on menus

...sugary drinks.Restaurant representatives criticizing the salt proposal have noted that courts struck down the big-soda ban as overreaching by the health board. But the Health Department says it has clear authority to require warnings.

Gladys Temple

...also worked at MCG in the Pediatric Department, and retired as a District Health Nurse from the Richmond County Health Department. She was in fellowship at the Believer's Gospel Chapel, was a facilitator and grader with the Emmaus Program...

Pavey: Georgia's oldest public fishing area, in McDuffie County, has turned 50

...in Georgia." RABID COYOTE: The Columbia County Health Department advised us Thursday afternoon that a coyote found...land with livestock and suburban communities, the health department will be distributing a precautionary letter to the...

Rants & Raves

...Exiting through a cut through to Walton Way, the odor was even more overpowering. I didn't know whether to call the health department or the utilities or sewers and didn't call anyone. Please somebody help. KASICH SAYS he will oust some illegal...

Jackson leaves mayor 'dumbfounded'

...have been unhappy and reported his too-close encounter with Little Lucky because a man from the McDuffie County Health Department came a-calling and checked with the vet to make sure Little Lucky's rabies shots were up to date.But he said...

Rants & Raves

...voters are going down with the ship along with the rest of us. Only God can save us. I WILL NEVER again use the health department on Laney-Walker Boulevard for services; the young ladies are showing all of their body parts, using profanity...

Rabid bats caught in south Augusta

The Richmond County Health Department issued a warning Monday after four rabid bats were caught in...animal, residents are asked to contact the Richmond County Health Department at (706) 667-4234.

Coyote with rabies found in Columbia County

...County has tested positive for rabies, the county Health Department said.Because this area consists of both rural pasture land with livestock and suburban communities, the health department will be distributing a letter to homes in the area...