Cher in the City: Overcome obstacles with a 'peaceful and patient mind'

...weather Sunday morning to the worst headache. In fact, my head hurt so bad it...next morning, I awoke to the worst headache imaginable. Perhaps some of it had...patiently enjoyed a cup of coffee as my headache began to subside.

Mimicking airlines, hotel fees go sky-high

NEW YORK - Forget bad weather, traffic jams and kids asking, "Are we there yet?" The real headache for many travelers is a quickly-growing list of hotel surcharges, even for items they never use.Guaranteeing two queen beds...

Faces of Survival: Dana Morris

...precautionary measure, because the cancer put her at a higher risk for ovarian cancer.In 2012, she began experiencing headaches that wouldn't go away.An MRI showed a brain tumor the size of a plum near her cerebellum, which stemmed from the breast...

Map applications can ease the stress of daily traveling

...appreciate it. Other apps tend to constantly refresh depending on where you are and how you're holding the phone, which can be headache-inducing as you move your hand or arms. With Apple Maps, the direction you should be heading toward is on top, and the...

CDC monitors Dallas man's caregivers for Ebola, creates response team

...the infected areas, he can sympathize with that anxiety."Let me tell you, every time I had the slightest sore throat or headache I was concerned," Frieden said.But they want health care workers who have been potentially exposed to be hypervigilant...

Lengthy road closure caused by collapsed, antiquated sewer line

A road detour causing headaches for motorists traveling near Augusta's medical district is entering its third month, but a city official says the end of construction...

Holiday travel boom expected

...plans to scale back construction during the heavily traveled holiday period but motorists this season may be replacing one headache with another as gas prices are projected to climb to a six-year high.AAA is predicting more than 41 million Americans will...

Research suggests some headaches linked to common germ

...groups were similar in terms of headache symptoms and bacteria colonization...found that eradication of headache and bacteria was more significant...the probiotics for a year. Headaches in the probiotic group occurred...H.pylori infection, and headache." However, headache expert...

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Yang plays through his headache to seize lead

...play good golf while coping with a big headache Friday, and his 7-under-par 65 gave...enough, the PGA champion recalls having a headache at a tournament about the same time last...think of it, a year ago I had a huge headache because I was under a lot of mental stress...

Golf | Tiger Woods
Headaches may signal an addiction to caffeine

...have become addicted to caffeine. Now that work has eased off, I have tried to cut back on caffeine, but I get horrible headaches and feel disoriented. My concentration is not good until I have a cup of coffee. How can I break this habit? A: You are...

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