Taking proper care of your younger trees can lengthen development, lifespan

...react to wounds effectivelyGetting trees off to a good start when they are young will save you and several other people from headaches and potential damage years down the road. Reach Sid Mullis, the director of the University of Georgia Extension Service...

Amari Cooper changes Alabama's focus

...penchant for smash-mouth football, plus experienced receivers such as Christion Jones and DeAndrew White, have created headaches for defenses trying to figure out how to cover Cooper.Double team? Man to man? Or some other, more creative method...

Iron Bowl quarterbacks have different strengths

...Marshall is a runner who can pass.The two playmaking quarterbacks enter Saturday night's Iron Bowl with the ability to cause headaches for opposing defenses using both their arms and their feet. How they go about doing that is quite different.Sims, a senior...

Falling oil prices affect global economy

...U.S. national average was $2.79 on Friday.In Europe, declining fuel prices add to one of the eurozone's biggest headaches: low inflation. Weak inflation makes it harder for troubled economies like Greece to reduce debt.The Chinese government...

25 Smart Ways to Handle a $1,000 Windfall

...will break down and things will have a shorter lifetime. Those things will cost you a lot of money and give you a lot of headaches. The best thing you can do is to adopt a home and automobile maintenance schedule. Here's a great maintenance checklist...

Lengthy road closure caused by collapsed, antiquated sewer line

A road detour causing headaches for motorists traveling near Augusta's medical district is entering its third month, but a city official says the end of construction...

Research suggests some headaches linked to common germ

MILAN, Italy -- Some headaches may be linked to infection with a...antibiotics appeared to clear the headaches. Adding the friendly bacteria Lactobacillus...intensity and frequency of recurring headaches in the others, the lead researcher...

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Headaches may signal an addiction to caffeine

...have become addicted to caffeine. Now that work has eased off, I have tried to cut back on caffeine, but I get horrible headaches and feel disoriented. My concentration is not good until I have a cup of coffee. How can I break this habit? A: You are...

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Lindros complains of headaches after scrimmage collision

...sitting out the playoffs because of a concussion, needed 20 stitches to close a gash in his upper lip and complained of headaches Thursday after a collision during a scrimmage. Lindros clattered into a Philadelphia Phantoms player at the teams' Voorhees...

Rider creating more headaches in Atlanta

...his Atlanta career, Isaiah Rider has repeatedly demonstrated to the Hawks why he's considered one of the NBA's biggest headaches. The mercurial guard returned to practice Wednesday after a one-game suspension for again running afoul of team rules...