Augusta air travelers find comfort in therapy dogs

...firm ResearchNow for the U.S. Travel Association.Security lines and checked-bag fees are among the well-publicized headaches, but passengers' No. 1 concern is flight delays or cancellations, according to a news release about the results of the...

EPA: Army must move faster on old base contamination testing

...4-Trimethylbenzene, a volatile organic compound used as an additive in aviation fuel and gasoline. Acute exposure can lead to headaches and fatigue. Chronic exposure can affect the reproductive system and developing fetus.The EPA filed the order Wednesday...

Lengthy road closure caused by collapsed, antiquated sewer line

A road detour causing headaches for motorists traveling near Augusta's medical district is entering its third month, but a city official says the end of construction...

Social media helps high school football players gain exposure

...on it!"Some players reply to classmates and teammates and put up rap lyrics, the last the most likely spot for coaching headaches. Previously, high school coaches had to worry about how players did in the classroom and how they behaved at home or with...

Georgia paranormal society shares stories of ghost hunts

...curtain to move. Sometimes it's a little more complex."A couple of months ago, there was a lady that was experiencing headaches, nausea and she'd been seeing shadows," Collins said. "Come to find out, at the back of her house, there is a power...

Research suggests some headaches linked to common germ

MILAN, Italy -- Some headaches may be linked to infection with a...antibiotics appeared to clear the headaches. Adding the friendly bacteria Lactobacillus...intensity and frequency of recurring headaches in the others, the lead researcher...

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Headaches may signal an addiction to caffeine

...have become addicted to caffeine. Now that work has eased off, I have tried to cut back on caffeine, but I get horrible headaches and feel disoriented. My concentration is not good until I have a cup of coffee. How can I break this habit? A: You are...

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Lindros complains of headaches after scrimmage collision

...sitting out the playoffs because of a concussion, needed 20 stitches to close a gash in his upper lip and complained of headaches Thursday after a collision during a scrimmage. Lindros clattered into a Philadelphia Phantoms player at the teams' Voorhees...

Rider creating more headaches in Atlanta

...his Atlanta career, Isaiah Rider has repeatedly demonstrated to the Hawks why he's considered one of the NBA's biggest headaches. The mercurial guard returned to practice Wednesday after a one-game suspension for again running afoul of team rules...

Crowds in jail cause headaches

Capt. Gene Johnson shrugged off the weekend arrest of one of his rookie jailers. He's got bigger headaches. What do you do when you run out of places to put new inmates? "It's like deja vu," said Capt. Johnson, the administrator...