Ga. teen rests after plague scare

...flu and can turn into a deadly illness if not treated promptly with antibiotics. Symptoms include a sudden fever, a severe headache, nausea and chills."It was clearly life-threatening,'' Lindquist said. Without the rapid response by his wife and...

Invasive plants tie up activity on Savannah River

...legs during an evening training session.Though it's become more of a problem recently, invasive aquatic weeds have been headaches in Augusta waterways for years. The problem, Savannah Riverkeeper Tonya Bonitatibus said, is that you can kill the plants...

Wind surfer fell ill during the Olympic sailing test event in Rio de Janeiro's polluted Guanabara Bay

...Wonwoo Cho got his first ride in an ambulance the other day, taken to a Rio de Janeiro hospital with dehydration, vomiting, a headache and dizziness.Cho is one of four athletes to have "officially" fallen ill so far at the week's Olympic sailing test event...

Don't wait to talk about safe use of over-the-counter drugs

...packing and the planning, teaching kids how to safely self-medicate with over-the-counter preparations for colds, headaches and sore muscles might not be on the parental radar.But it should be. According to national surveys of parents and sixth-graders...

Jimmy Carter 'at ease,' ready for radiation treatment

...said. "Side effects include achiness of joints and bones, fatigue and irritation. Side effects from radiation can include headache and nausea. Some patients feel none of those."Dr. Patrick Hwu, a melanoma expert at the University of Texas MD Anderson...

Test shows Ga. patient has plague

...flu and can turn into a deadly illness if not treated promptly with antibiotics. Symptoms include a sudden fever, a severe headache, nausea and chills.In addition to the California cases, two people contracted the plague this year in Colorado, CNN reported...

Hospitals see more heat-related illnesses during week of high temperatures

...heat-related illnesses, according to hospital spokeswoman Denise Parrish. The illnesses can range from dehydration and headaches to heat exhaustion.During a particularly hot week last month, doctors saw another cluster of cases, but it was about half...

Georgia health officials confirm case of West Nile virus

...containers of standing water; and making sure doors and windows fit tightly.Symptoms usually develop three to 15 days after a bite by an infected mosquito and include headache, fever, neck discomfort, aches, swollen lymph nodes and a rash.

'Fantastic Four' try to get their franchise footing in latest film

...Late reshoots caused speculation that the film had problems. But reshoots are fairly standard for big films. It was mostly a headache getting the cast ? all of whom were off shooting other films ? into the same room.Eyebrows were further raised after...

Simon Geschke wins Tour stage; leader Chris Froome remains unscathed

...ski resort.Fellow American Tejay van Garderen, who was third overall as the stage began, pulled out of the race with a headache and a lack of energy after fighting a respiratory infection for several days."It almost feels like I just want to disappear...