Brain injury walk helps survivor

...not be aware of it."Wagner was misdiagnosed three times.With each attack, she felt ill. Her symptoms, which included headaches, dizzy spells, and ringing in her ears, were dismissed as fatigue or dehydration.Then, last summer, Logan Grimes...

Glitch causes delay in federal energy assistance to some elderly Augustans

...when indeed it had, and the state was not able to award new money until the issue had been resolved."This has been a big headache," Johnson said. "This has never happened in 16 years I've been here, and whenever there are changes to the process...

China holiday makes business, cultural waves around world

...may take the same amount of time to return, or not. The holiday is a prime occasion to switch jobs.It all means an annual headache for retailers and importers overseas who rely on China. Shipping companies warn customers that China's transport and logistics...

Poll finds little support for road funding

...population, the poll has a 4.7 percent margin of error.The pollster, Matt Towery, said the results present a political headache for the Republicans controlling state government."The biggest problem with this proposal as it currently stands is that...

Brain stents show big promise for certain stroke patients

...a half hours after symptoms start.The warning signs of a stroke are sudden onset of any of these: numbness or weakness on one side, severe headache with no known cause, confusion, and trouble walking, speaking or seeing.

Oligarchs are dumping their toxic assets on Russia a year after the Sochi Olympics

...cost of $3 billion, a spokesman to Russia's deputy prime minister confirmed to The Associated Press. The issue is a major headache for Putin, who needs to pay off the oligarchs to keep them happy, while preventing the deals from triggering popular unrest...

Naesha Parks' new book tells how heart attack strengthened faith

...not the same person she was before her miracle.Physically, the woman who never had to take a pill except for an occasional headache now has a daily regimen of 15-20 pills. She lives as a person with heart disease. So she pays attention to each heartbeat...

Cher in the City: Overcome obstacles with a 'peaceful and patient mind'

...weather Sunday morning to the worst headache. In fact, my head hurt so bad it...next morning, I awoke to the worst headache imaginable. Perhaps some of it had...patiently enjoyed a cup of coffee as my headache began to subside.

Research suggests some headaches linked to common germ

...groups were similar in terms of headache symptoms and bacteria colonization...found that eradication of headache and bacteria was more significant...the probiotics for a year. Headaches in the probiotic group occurred...H.pylori infection, and headache." However, headache expert...

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Yang plays through his headache to seize lead

...play good golf while coping with a big headache Friday, and his 7-under-par 65 gave...enough, the PGA champion recalls having a headache at a tournament about the same time last...think of it, a year ago I had a huge headache because I was under a lot of mental stress...

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