Scientists devise plan to make shift to HDTV easier

Costly High Definition Television, HDTV, is coming, like it or not, but scientists...program, or algorithm, that allows both HDTV and the existing analog signals to be broadcast...systems for (broadcasting) both analog and HDTV signals." He believes the algorithm savings...

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Broadcaster will divide rather than conquer HDTV

...anticipation of high-definition television (HDTV). Or it could slice each channel into...way to go, Smith said. "My costs to do HDTV are staggering, and I'm not going to...whispering for months: Multi-casting beats HDTV any day. If other broadcasters follow...

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Says HDTV not future of television

Is High Definition Television (or HDTV) progress or rip-off? Touted by one...which will also become obsolete when HDTV replaces the current transmission system...are saying. The real "advantage" of HDTV will fall to the equipment manufacturers...

HDTV could open those eyes that tune out hockey

...after the Super Bowl was first televised in HDTV to the approximately 120,000 U.S...high-definition is eye-opening because an HDTV screen's rectangular shape resembles...accustomed to watching. The wide angle HDTV view allows more players to fill the screen...

HDTV arrives in town

...to send the high-tech signal. The new HDTV format will be broadcast on Channel 31...station began transmitting programs in HDTV this week. The first live event broadcast...they do not expect to start broadcasting HDTV until 2002. Mr. Chandler, who retired...

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HDTV displays, yes, but no real sales yet

...television station WETA presented the first live HDTV broadcast of a major-league baseball...signal; it's produced four programs in HDTV. "Impressionists on the Seine" celebrates...late-night host, NBC is building an HDTV facility for "The Tonight Show With Jay...

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HDTV enhances Super Bowl experience

...enveloping feel of a large screen. - LCD or plasma? Liquid-crystal displays, or LCDs, have become the default choice for HDTV buyers, with nearly 90 percent of the market, but don't rule out plasma sets. These can be cheaper for the same size of...

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HDTV boosts sales of high-def makeup

...once used just for newscasters, models and actors, are becoming more popular among women who want to appear like they would in HDTV: lifelike, flawless and picture-perfect. Initially, professional makeup artists used HD cosmetics on celebrities filming...

The digital future

...liftoff. But if you're like most folks, HDTV might as well be rocket science. You may...television this month. CBS will dip into HDTV first. On Sunday, the Eye Network will...Jets. On Monday, PBS feeds its first HDTV-produced program, a profile of glass...

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PBS debuts high-definition TV with week of specials

...computers with compatible equipment. But on HDTV, it will be a cutting-edge experience...casino in Las Vegas. The show was shot for HDTV, even though few consumers have been willing...of it all, KCTS has been a pioneer in HDTV since 1989. That year, in conjunction...

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