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FDA OKs 1st dissolving immunotherapy tablet for seasonal allergies; 2 from Merck await ruling

...the first tablet in the U.S. for gradually reducing hay fever symptoms, an alternative to months of weekly doctor visits...available as a generic.About 60 million Americans have hay fever, but fewer than 3 million are treated with allergy shots...
Children learn how, why to prevent tooth problems

...has lost a tooth to decay by age 17. - 25 percent of children haven't seen a dentist before entering kindergarten. - Tooth decay is five times as common as asthma and seven times as common as hay fever. Source: Medical College of Georgia
Research finds fire ants are deadly to many

...anaphylactic shock, Dr. Schuman said. "The sinister part of the 1 to 2 percent is it does not follow the traditional hay fever-allergy-asthma clinical pattern that a lot of allergies do," Dr. Schuman said. "Whether you have allergies in...
Director's career brief but brilliant

...verbal wit. HAIL THE CONQUERING HERO (1944): The story of a Marine (Eddie Bracken) issued a medical discharge for hay fever who returns home to find that his small town mistakenly believes he is a war hero, Hail manages to poke fun at the cult...
Genetically engineered drug may help hay fever

...engineered drug may significantly reduce hay fever symptoms, research suggests. The...536 patients with ragweed-induced hay fever who were given shots of omalizumab...wants more safety data on its use in hay fever, since the condition affects so...
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Age old question

Q: How can I prepare to fight hay fever this fall? - W.P., Augusta A...season for ragweed pollen, a key hay fever trigger. While some people are more susceptible to hay fever than others, it affects people of...
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Magic of softball makes it more than a game

...the time of year I have come to dread the most. While others shudder at the thought of school starting, or winter, or hay fever season, or school ending, my nightmare starts in about mid-July. It's not the sun or the heat or even the yardwork...
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Genetically engineered drug shows promise for asthma patients

...of Britain's National Heart and Lung Institute called the drug an "important step forward" that might also control hay fever and other allergies. He said further research may show that less-frequent injections or under-the-skin injections...
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Desert no longer safe haven from pollen

...included a list of plants considered capable of causing hay fever in the Southwest -- among them Bermudagrass. In 1932, another report recognized the olive tree as a potential hay fever problem. But it wasn't until the 1960s, when the Tucson...
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Van de Velde leads British Open

...walked off the course after six holes because of the worst hay fever attack of his life, stuck around for a 71 and was at...think of anything to do about his state of health -- hay fever, allergies, a headache. "I had to time my putts and...
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