Find local rhythms and tourist sites in Old Havana

HAVANA - In some destinations, tourist areas are...life. But visitors who wander through Old Havana ? Habana Vieja, as locals call it...de Marti, a boulevard that divides Old Havana from Central Havana. The Prado itself...

Airbnb offers authenticity and a few challenges in Havana

HAVANA - In the two months since Airbnb started...My $42-a-night Airbnb was in Old Havana, where many buildings just off the tourist...who lists two Airbnb properties in Central Havana, checks "e-mail every day so we can...

What Is It?

...1960 Corvair, so we felt no need to repeat it each time):AIKEN: Bob Ennis wrote: "This one looks like it could be in Havana, too. The rear engine, air-cooled GM entry into the small car market. It was a fun car to drive, but Ralph Nader's...

What Is It?

...Chevrolet parading through the streets of Havana."Bob Ennis said: "I can't believe...weekend sitting on a street corner in Havana (with a camera) watching the car show...identifying the procession of cars in Havana, first behind the '56 Buick is a 1952...

What Is It? A 1956 Buick

Did you recognize last week's 1956 Buick, and do you know the two cars following it in Havana traffic this week?

Airbnb comes to Cuba in major expansion of US business on communist island

HAVANA - The popular online home-rental service...properties across the island, with 40 percent in Havana and the rest in tourist destinations such...ranging from small apartments in central Havana to multi-room beach houseswith top-notch...

Orlando Hernandez feels pain in Havana

HAVANA -- Cuban defector Livan Hernandez on Saturday...playing in the Latin American Stadium" in Havana, said Orlando, who boasts a lifetime record...Cuba's best teams, the Industriales of Havana, as well as the national team that traveled...

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At the Movies: 'Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights'

...Baby in the corner in "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights." For that, you can be thankful...prim, studious American who moves to Havana in 1958 with her parents (Sela Ward...just feel the music." Never mind that Havana is on the verge of revolution - these...

What Is It?

...Like many of our photos of old American cars, we lifted that photo of a 1957 Pontiac from pictures taken on the streets of Havana.As you know, the trade embargo with Cuba has kept new cars and parts from being imported from the United States, and so...

Odds and Ends

...Great Falls man heard from people like the English cigar fan who sent two Havanas. "They were $12 cigars and they were good," Breuning said. "You can't get good Havana cigars like that out here." He also got a birthday note and a few more...

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