Employee stole wedding gifts, police say

...awkward. ...'Ohhhh, did you give us anything? What'd you give us?' After the third person that said, 'I'm sorry, I hate to admit that we didn't put anything on your gift table,' I stopped asking," Cheryl Malone said. But by then she had learned...

Pop Rocks: Change at 95 Rock reflects change in music of today

...and siloed fanbases, it became more difficult to attract, and keep, the listeners required to keep the station operating.I hate to see it go, but I am also not surprised. I'm also not surprised that there has been significant outcry from the station's...

Men gather early for fitness, leave with much more through participation in F3Nation

...it whether he likes it or not.For instance, one guy wore a Florida State University hat and is now called Crab Legs."He hates it, but that's his nickname," Wilson said. "One guy who's really big and extremely fit, we call him PeeWee."The...

Rants & Raves

...of the free world; well, that is what Obama wishes. Why he did not attend the rally is not the important question. Why he hates the United States so much is the question we need him to answer. I WATCHED THE AMAZING crowd in Paris, among them world leaders...

Out of horror, grow new respect for diversity

...heartfelt and emotional words of Editorial Page Editor Michael Ryan on Jan. 11 ("Standing against Islamic nihilism isn't hate ? it's self-preservation"), I have not been able to stop pondering them. Mr. Ryan's words more than adequately express...

The Artside: Sloat exhibit mirrors color and light

...Gallery in Santa Ana, Calif.Several of her works are featured in a national touring show, Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate, now at Living Arts in Tulsa, Okla.? William Willis, the current Morris Eminent Scholar in Art at GRU, has a solo exhibition...

Rants & Raves

...outside smoking or cuddling up with what looks to be an employee. Can't teach old dogs new tricks. Terrible hire, Augusta. HATE TO TELL the person that thinks English is the U.S. national language, but we don't have a national language. English is...

Music Hates You loves when fans participate, get angry

There's a lot of love for Music Hates You. The willfully aggressive Athens...under the Ramones-esque moniker Patrick Hates You, said the band's gripping, grating...that's what we're all about." Music Hates You sees its shows as being successful...

Chris Rock, 'Everybody Hates Chris' cast to discuss show

NEW YORK - Chris Rock and the cast of "Everybody Hates Chris" will appear on a panel at The Museum of Television & Radio's 23rd annual William S. Paley Television Festival. The...

Rants & Raves

...money we approved over the years for sewage and drainage repairs? Did they rob those funds? IT SEEMS TO ME THAT the far right hates our country on a fundamental level. This self-loathing must be a heavy burden to bear. SHAME ON YOU for printing a bizarre...