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...he believe? Is Obama a Muslim? A semi-Muslim? An atheist? IF SOMEBODY MURDERS three people, he should be executed. "Hate" doesn't matter. It's the physical act that is the crime. LABOR UNIONS HAVE caused major West Coast ports to stop moving...

Corporate food makers mask recognizable logos, try hipster guises

...County Register called the goof by Yum "unbelievable," noting that most the Vietnamese living overseas are refugees from the Vietnam War and hate the country's communist government.Yum quickly apologized and removed the logo.

Driver Travis Kvapil withdraws from race after Sprint Cup car is stolen

...the No. 24 car was running before practice, Gordon told him, "It would be a lot worse. Our car could've been stolen."Then Gordon turned serous, saying: "I hate it for Travis and those guys. I hope they get to the bottom of it."

Georgia Regents rolls to 11th win in a row, pounds USC Aiken

...Georgia Regents knocked off the Pacers, 88-69, in the regular season finale Wednesday night at Christenberry Fieldhouse."I hate to reflect on last year, but we were up 18 and they came back and won the game," Sherrill said. "The returning guys had...

Watson's second Masters win changed him for the better

...to be a better person, or whatever. It doesn't tell you to hate people. It tells you to love all people. You don't have...and 50 percent are going to like me and 50 percent are going to hate me. That's how it is." WATSON IS AWARE of his faults and...

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...education. Do you need a building for that? Never used to. TO BE SNOBBISH, arrogant, vain, egotistical and filled with hate is the work of the devil. The truth shall find you out. REP. ELIJAH CUMMINGS proclaimed in a speech that people don't work...

Heed this advice and you'll prosper

...as you get older and wiser, your hems should get lower and your pants longer and roomier. Quit name-calling and hating for hate's sake; showing teeth with every white conversation; and overwhelmingly accommodating vices such as smoking and drinking...

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...Chapel Hill. But for the liberals and Muslims in this country, and apparently other countries as well, to decry the possible hate-nature of this crime while remaining conspicuously silent about the almost daily atrocities committed by radical Muslims against...

Hollywood's epic 'Birth of a Nation' glorified injustice

...among the most purchased silent movies."It's a difficult thing to do ? marketing a cinematic masterpiece that is also hate-mongering propaganda ? but that in itself is why the film is so powerful," Wood wrote in an e-mail. "If it were simply...

Fort Gordon pilot bus service attracting fewer riders than expected in first months

...on post," Lockett said. "There are things that we can do to make it salvageable. After all the work that went into it, I hate for it to go to waste because of low numbers."Lockett said losing money on the route was expected initially, but the long-range...