Grovetown police chief resigns

...terminated. He claimed Owens cursed and yelled at him and did not let him speak. Cline spent 21 days in jail without bond."I hate for anybody to lose their job at this point," Cline said. "But if you can't do your job, stay out of the kitchen."Owens...

Ferguson officer modest, private

...of Brown's death. "But I can tell you for sure it was not racially motivated. He's not the type of person to harbor any hate for anybody. He was always nice, respectable and well-mannered, a gentleman. He doesn't have anything bad to say about...

Speak against terrorists

...terrorists. Someone once wrote there would be peace between Israel and Islam if the Muslims would love their children more than they hate Israel.If there were a separation between the "peaceful Muslims" and the terrorists, as Dr. Al-Hendy suggests, then...

Returning to track remains 'lowest priority' for grieving Tony Stewart

...did for people."A lot of people only know Tony because he threw a helmet. They only know Tony because he got mad. I just hate people jump to conclusions."Harvick bristled at the way Stewart has been portrayed since Ward's death, and dismissed it...

Ed Rees: It's OK to admit troubles, seek help

...if not all of us ? are usually anything but "fine" on any given day of the week.Perhaps your boss is a total jerk and you hate your job in general, or your marriage is headed for the rocks ? again. Maybe there's never enough money to pay all the bills...

Clippers sale to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer goes through

...authority of Shelly Sterling, on behalf of the Sterling Family Trust, to sell the franchise to the former Microsoft CEO."I hate losing the team," she said at a news conference.She later added, "It feels good. It would have felt good to own the team...

Back to school also means back to lunch duty

...open. A set of two costs $9 on Amazon.ECOLUNCHBOX BLUE WATER BENTO SPLASH BOX: I love stainless steel lunch containers. I hate that most of them aren't water tight. The Blue Water Bento Splash Box solves this by pairing a stainless rectangular food...

Restaurant owners unhappy with proposed changes to alcohol ordinance

...that raising the city's alcohol license fees will deter other businesses from opening in Augusta."I definitely would hate to see it increase," said LaFontaine. "Eventually, you're just going to push people out of the market."

Rants & Raves

...for doing nothing.OF TAX LOOPHOLES, President Obama said, "I don't care if it's legal." After five years of Obama, that's pretty clear.SUCH HATE FROM almost all Republican ranters against our president with all their stories.

Music Hates You loves when fans participate, get angry

There's a lot of love for Music Hates You. The willfully aggressive Athens...under the Ramones-esque moniker Patrick Hates You, said the band's gripping, grating...that's what we're all about." Music Hates You sees its shows as being successful...