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...money we approved over the years for sewage and drainage repairs? Did they rob those funds? IT SEEMS TO ME THAT the far right hates our country on a fundamental level. This self-loathing must be a heavy burden to bear. SHAME ON YOU for printing a bizarre...

Moore: End of chemotherapy for leukemia rang my bell

...took every step to make sure I was able to miss work when I needed to.My wife became my nutritionist and chief cook (she hates to cook). She went to grocery stores, something I do when I can. And when I got down, she gave me dope slaps and told me...

Georgians passing GED test

...of Georgia's Biennial Institute for Legislators. "We'll have about 15,000 to 20,000 GED graduates this year, but I hate to tell you, we've probably had more drop out of high school," he said. About 1.2 million adult Georgians lack a high...

Calhoun tops Washington County in state championship

...runner-up for the second season in a row."I wanted it so badly for them," Washington County coach Joel Ingram said. "I hate that we didn't get a chance to be on the other side of the podium."With the game tied at 20 on Calhoun's first possession...

Uncertainty making year-end tax planning difficult

...and inability for compromise," said Ameriprise financial adviser Will Rogers. "Nobody loves taxes, but almost everybody hates not knowing what the rules are throughout the year."This year, taxpayers are still waiting for Congress to decide on more...

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...that way you will not be out of a job so soon, you can start over then making it bigger. IT SEEMS TO ME THAT the far left hates our country on a fundamental level. This self-loathing must be a heavy burden to bear. RANT FOR THE GUY who left a note...

Heisman Trophy finalists have strong character

...scandal as you will find at this year's Heisman ceremony, a welcome departure from recent years for many fans and voters."You hate to think the guy you're voting for might have done something awful in his personal life away from football," said Kyle Ringo...

Snubbed Big 12 might have to rethink its title model

...feels like we just lost a football game. That to me is a travesty," Baylor coach Art Briles said Sunday. "That's what I hate. We won a big game (Saturday) night. We are Big 12 champions. We won a Big 12 championship for two years in a row."Baylor...

Don't choose wrong road

...parents do not teach them respect for the law or law enforcement officers. When black parents rear their kids to mistrust, hate and disrespect anyone who is not black or anyone wearing a badge, these parents run the risk of having to bury their young sons...

Rants & Raves

...many, I'm sure. She has always been my favorite go-to person. Her expertise and personality has brought a change to the word "tax" as we know it. Happy retirement, Miss Marie. Hate to see you go. But you deserve it. We love you.