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Hate-crime laws redundant

Why do minority groups want a redundant law just for them?
Hate crimes forum set for Oct. 10 at Paine College Paine College's Health Education Ac tivities Learning Complex.Enacted in 2009, the act expanded the federal hate-crime law to allow the Department of Justice to investigate crimes motivated by the victim's gender, sexual identity, gender...
Across the region

...reversed itself and rehired him.Woman honored for hate-crime law workGREENVILLE, S.C. --- The mother of a gay...Kennedy has pushed for South Carolina to adopt a hate crimes law because police say her son's attacker punched him...
2 Marines arrested in attack on gay man in Savannah

...his suspected attackers was enough."It leaves me wondering why Georgia is one of five states that doesn't have a hate crime law on the state level," he said.Metro police spokeswoman Gena Moore said the incident is being monitored by her department's...
Attack on reservist may spur new hate crime law

...daughter could renew the call for a hate crime law in Georgia. The state is one of five without a hate crime law on the books after the Georgia...Matthew Shepard in 1998. State hate crime laws vary widely. Mr. Nigut said he...
GBI boss wants hate-crime law

...legislators Thursday to enact a hate-crime law as a way to curb retaliation...studying whether Georgia needs a hate-crime law that such a statute would reduce...General Assembly enacted its own hate-crime law in 2000, though lawmakers didn't...
Bill on hate crimes clears committee

ATLANTA - A push to reinstitute Georgia's hate crimes law cleared a Senate committee Tuesday, marking the latest chapter in the legislation's rocky eight-year history. The Senate's...
House cans hate-crimes bill

ATLANTA - The state House denied a Senate effort Monday to revive Georgia's defunct hate-crimes law in a lightning-quick vote that caught most lawmakers off guard. The measure by Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta, had passed...
Religion news in brief

...contending that Green violated Sweden's tough 2003 hate crimes law. A lower court gained international attention last...was the first clergyman convicted under Sweden's hate crimes law. Green, 63, had told his congregation on the small...
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Hate crime laws just about politics

I read withpleasant surprise an editorialin The Augusta Chronicle calling for the defeat of hate-crime legislation in the state of Georgia, and by extension,everywhere else ("Don't make hate a crime," Dec. 22).Jim Moore, Aiken, S.C.