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Across the southeast

RALEIGH, N.C. - Teenagers who watched pro wrestling on TV were more likely to behave violently than other children, researchers reported, and girls seemed to be even more influenced than boys.
Is my winter heating bill going to destroy my finances?

Q: The price of petrol is killing me this summer. I'm already dreading winter - how bad are my home heating bills likely to be?
Study: Chocolate lovers may live longer

LONDON -- Scientists already have suggested that eating chocolate may make you happy. Now they say men who indulge in chocolates may live longer. A study of 7,841 Harvard male graduates found that chocolate and candy eaters -- regardless of how voracious their appetite for goodies -- live almost a year longer than those who abstain.
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Study: filtered coffee easier on heart than unfiltered

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - Coffee drinkers beware: There may be grounds for concern brewing in the bottom of your cup of java. Unfiltered brews such as French press, espresso and Turkish coffee have higher amounts of a substance known as cafestol, and people who regularly drank unfiltered coffee experienced an increase in their cholesterol levels, a small Dutch study has found.
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Nutty diet may help ward off diabetes, study says

CHICAGO -- Eating lots of nuts or peanut butter may help ward off diabetes, a study of more than 83,000 nurses suggests.
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