A crude tax

...emissions tax.But that's just for starters."What size levy is appropriate?" the professor and past president of Harvard University ponders. "Here there is more danger of doing too little than too much. Once the principle of taxation is accepted...

One year in, program appears to have cracked the code on filling tech jobs

...need to work on their skills are referred to resources such as EdX, a online-education joint venture between Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.In January, when Launch Code began hands-on tutoring to help...

New Augusta Regional Airport chief named

...served as the director of aviation at the Dayton International Airport in Ohio from 1991 to 1998. He graduated from Harvard University and earned a law degree from Georgetown University.Augusta Regional services U.S. Airways and Delta regional...

Four finalists named for Augusta Regional Airport executive director

...he was the executive director of the Salt Lake City International and Louis Armstrong New Orleans International airports. He has a bachelor's degree in economics from Harvard University and a law degree from Georgetown University.

CSRA shouldn't allow Paine College to waver in its academic mission

...Columbia. I even found myself debating an education topic among highly educated professional from around the world at Harvard University. Me ? a Paine College graduate. Frank and Dorothy Roberson's baby boy, and Fannie Lamback Stewart's favorite...

Harvard University steeped in history, prestige

...talks about his school, Harvard University, in Cambridge, Mass. He...lot of history and prestige. Harvard University Where: Cambridge, Mass...Admission and Financial Aid, Harvard University, Byerly Hall, 8 Garden St...

Colleges lack freedom

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke at the graduation ceremonies at Harvard University earlier this year. In his lecture, he spoke on academic freedom and the restrictions on free speech in America today, especially...

Bumbling Biden

...the "biggest problem" in our fight against terrorism.It didn't help that Biden started the speech ? at Harvard University, of all places ? with an expletive-laced response to a student body vice president's question."Ain't...

Researchers warm to 'snowball Earth' theory

Scientists at Harvard University and the University of Maryland have found new evidence supporting...completely snuffed out life on the planet. Paul F. Hoffman of Harvard University and colleagues studied rock dating back between about 750 million...

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Beasley to go to Harvard

...bid, said Thursday that he and his family will leave South Carolina next year for a five-month fellowship at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. Mr. Beasley, who leaves office Jan. 13 after losing to Democrat Jim...