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Where are the jobs?

...Business School Dean Nitin Nohria worries that the trend could be dangerous. In an article in the November issue of Harvard Business Review, he says that if U.S. businesses keep prospering while Americans are struggling, business leaders will lose...
Educate students by making local connections

...problems. In fact, this has even been a recent topic of discussion with the Warren Bennis and James O'Toole Harvard Business Review article that critiques the academic model of business schools. The main point is that the long-term foundation...
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Employers go extra mile to find perfect workers

...haven't met a human being yet who has the stamina to BS us all day." There's a possible downside. In a Harvard Business Review article titled " Fool vs. Jerk: Whom Would You Hire?" Tiziana Casciaro of Harvard and Miguel Sousa Lobo of...
Think of others, too

...pursue such feats at the expense of others. In other words, if you're contagious, stay home. Indeed, the Harvard Business Review has said that "presenteeism" - the presence of sick people in the work place - costs U.S. businesses $150...
People in the News

...68, told the Boston Herald. The couple's affair made headlines when Wetlaufer, who was the editor of the Harvard Business Review, revealed she had become romantically involved with Welch while working on a story about him. Shortly after...
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CEO says trade bill will hurt textiles

...presidential campaign; author-economist Alan Tonelson; Charles McMillion, an economist and former editor of the Harvard Business Review; and Jock Nash, a political aide and Washington counsel for Milliken & Co. The legislation allows limited consideration...
Practically human: Can smart machines do your job?

...being slapped on everything from boxes of Huggies diapers to stamping machines in car plants.According to a Harvard Business Review article by Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, more information...
Losing the war

...those words cease to have much power or meaning," former Nickelodeon executive Anne Kreamer writes at the Harvard Business Review.Repeated swearing also is a sign of a lazy mind ? or perhaps one devoid of more appropriate words which, quite...
Movie spotlights the nasty boss phenomenon

...fill in a vulgar anatomical reference that we can't print here), coming out early next year, was born of a Harvard Business Review column Sutton wrote that drew hundreds of e-mails. He defines a you-know-what as "somebody who makes you...
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People in the News

...Welch and his wife, Jane, disclosed their plans to divorce, shortly after Wetlaufer - then editor of the Harvard Business Review - revealed that she had become romantically involved with Welch while working on a story about him.
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