'Halo 2' is sequel that mostly lives up to hype

...video games, chances are you've heard about Halo 2. Microsoft Corp. made sure of that with a...achievements, but it's hard to argue with Halo's widespread popularity. The original Halo: Combat Evolved has sold 5 million copies since...

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'Halo' makes Xbox game a winner

...nameless, faceless grunt is the star of "Halo," a spectacular game developed by Bungie...something completely different. In "Halo," you play as a powerful soldier on the planet of the same name. "Halo" gets its name from the huge artificial...

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Game review: Halo arrives on PC

...debuted with its first must-have game, "Halo: Combat Evolved." The first-person...marquee Xbox game. Whatever the reason, Halo on the PC is too little, too late. What...computers costing thousands of dollars, Halo's graphics are sure to dazzle. Most...

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Report: Radiation halo surrounds Milky Way

...report of a previously unknown gamma-ray halo around the Milky Way has puzzled and excited...California-Riverside who reported the halo's existence. "Some high-energy process...light on dark matter," she said. The halo measures several trillion miles thick and...

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Microsoft inks deal for movie based on Halo video game

DALLAS - "Halo" hero Master Chief will be appearing in...Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox will pay "Halo" publisher Microsoft Corp. $5 million...adapted to film in 2000. A director for "Halo" hasn't been named. "Microsoft and...

'Halo rule' out of college football

HOOVER, Ala. -- College football will eliminate the "halo rule" this season, forcing punt returners to call a fair catch...coordinator of officials in the SEC, said Wednesday. Under the halo rule, the kicking team was penalized if a player came within...

NCAA alters 'halo' rule

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA Football Rules Committee has eliminated the 2-yard "halo" rule on kick returns. Returners still must be given an unimpeded opportunity to catch the kick. The penalty for failing to...

Halo proves we haven't seen everything yet

...other morning, looked up and saw a giant halo.The moon, almost full, was very bright...I went back into the house, Googled "halo around the moon" and found the phenomenon...Mail asked its readers: "Did YOU see a 'halo' surrounding the moon last night? Stunning...

A tarnished halo

...need attention these days.But really. A halo?Even by today's lack of standards...depicting Barack Obama with a rainbow-colored halo as the "first gay president" is an astonishing...quite a contrast for this election: a halo vs. horns.A relative of the alleged...

'Halo' team leaves Microsoft

...Microsoft acquired in 2000 - is the developer of Halo, by far the most lucrative franchise on the Xbox. Halo 3 pulled in more than $300 million during...future projects within the Microsoft-owned Halo universe. Bungie President Harold Ryan said...

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