The Way We Were: Sandlot football

...the best balanced teams in the Augusta sandlots."The front row, from left, are: Bonny Boardman, Tommy Hodges, Hale Barrett and George Maxwell. The second row included Billy Barrett, David Creason, Jack Sherman and Barry Whitney. The third...

You Remembered: Sandlot football days

...fearless McDowell Bulldogs and how jealous they wouldn't let Carter Hagler's squirt of a brother play. I believe Hale Barrett was indeed a mole sent in to sabotage since he lived on Henry Street. Harry Sherman was the mascot and I believe Gould...

Mary Robertson

...nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents, her husband, Thomas Heard Robertson, and her brother, William Hale Barrett. Mary graduated from William Robinson School, Tubman High School, and Sweet Briar College in Virginia. She was active...

Can you find it?

...Teddy Perkins, Artesia Holmes, Charles T. Johnson, Theresa Meade, Kenneth Williams, Kay McKellar, Sharon Hall, Hale Barrett, Lillian McKie, Ronza Hankinson, Henry Rainey, Ezra Barrett, Deborah Barbee, Larry Johnson, Londa Henderson...

Richmond Neighbors
Can you find it?

...Augusta Canal at Savannah Rapids.Others who correctly identified the picture were Rebecca Mayberry, James Bartles, Hale Barrett, Eddie Robinson, Duwana Crosby, Richard Raborn, Tina Gary, Michael Cliatt, Rodderick Tift, Larry Parks, Ferlice...

Richmond Neighbors
Can you find it?

...who correctly identified the picture were Rick and Gail Murphy, Ronnie Thompson, Susan Simowitz, Christina Brown, Hale Barrett, Frances Sideman, Mary Dixon, Laney Mize, Tammy Spradling, Kenneth McGahee, Jane Milligan, Gloria Lassiter...

W. Hale Barrett, former managing partner of Hull Barrett law firm, dies

William Hale Barrett, the longtime former managing partner of one of Augusta's largest law firms, died Saturday.Barrett, of the Hull Barrett...

Hail Barrett

...graduated from law school with Hale Barrett. But few would dispute he was...honorable or impactful course than Hale Barrett's life took.Augustan and Georgian...gratuity and gratuitous praise."Hale Barrett was never motivated by personal...

State takes passing notice

...family, colleagues and friends of attorney William Hale Barrett, longtime partner with the Hull Barrett law firm in...in 1975-76.All Georgia lawyers can be inspired by Hale Barrett's lifelong commitment to promoting the cause of justice...

Can you find it?

...were no other guesses. Others who correctly identified the picture were Korynn White, Tricia Hughes, Grace Waters, Hale Barrett, Ruth Forbes, Tonia Mason, James Pack, Megan Waters, Connie Hankerson, Bob McCrary, Philip Rhodes, Mark Adams...

Richmond Neighbors