Hairdresser sentenced in molestation

SAVANNAH - A federal judge in Chicago sentenced former Savannah hairdresser Joel Moore to 41 months in prison Tuesday for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy. Now, Chatham County prosecutors want...

Nomadic hairstylist deserves following

...things as harrowing as losing your hairdresser. I discovered how much mine meant to me when I almost lost her. My hairdresser, Diane (not her real name...relief. Finally, my vagabond hairdresser had found a permanent place to...

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Biblical soap opera enjoying success in Brazil

...street."In my opinion, there should only be soaps like this one ? to teach about the Bible, about family and values," hairdresser Cristiana da Silva said, dividing her attention between a customer and the action on screen. "This is the best soap...

Across Georgia

Hairdressing champ admits molestation SAVANNAH - A famed hairdresser has pleaded guilty to molesting a teenage boy, Chatham County court officials said. Joseph Pannal Moore, 49, will serve no...

Across Georgia

...Suspect confesses to rape, murder of stylist CUMMING - A serial killer suspect has told authorities he raped and killed a hairdresser who has been missing for nearly a year. The details come from Jeremy Bryan Jones' confession to Forsyth County detectives...

Fraud scheme targets patients, doctors, and insurers

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -- Dr. Lawrence Silk was a latter-day Marcus Welby, asking a hairdresser's wages to salve the arthritic joints and lower the blood pressures of poor and elderly patients at his office in an oceanside...

Rabbi's daughter-in-law fights as `Zion Lion'

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) -- Forget sugar and spice. Jill Matthews certainly did. She's a hairdresser by day, a punk rock singer and professional boxer by night, a 5-foot-3 inch, 106-pound bundle of sinew and attitude who...

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Minorities not getting mortgages

...In these days of easy credit, Alice Scott of Houston was told her $20,000 annual earnings as a freelance hairdresser weren't enough to qualify for a $15,000 mortgage. Elnora Thompson, of Dorchester, Mass., was turned down...

Japanese singer makes it big with small island sound

...population 50, on a coral and mangrove-ringed island off the shores of southern Japan, she had big plans - to become a hairdresser. She loved it, but had to quit after two years. The chemicals used in the perms and dyes gave her asthma. So she turned...

Xtreme calendar

...28.50. Call 724-2400. Say It Isn't So - starring Chris Klein as an orphan whose romantic interest in would-be hairdresser Heather Graham falls flat when he mistakenly believes she's his sister - is out on video and DVD. Actress Carrie-Anne...