Okefenokee is an ever-changing ecological wonder

...Campbell said, with the St. Marys River draining to the Atlantic Ocean and the Suwanee River flowing toward the Gulf of Mexico.The national wildlife refuge, covering more than 400,000 acres ? or about 625 square miles ? sprawls across Georgia's...

Baab: Congressman can help out on three fishing issues

...has developed a good plan, so contact your congressman to help put that plan to work.The five states bordering the Gulf of Mexico have declared enough is enough when it comes to federal mismanagement of the red snapper fishery. They have proposed...

Global warming to push some species into extinction

...biggest extinction risk and where. Marine mammals, such as whales, dolphins and seals, have the highest risk. The Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, western Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean between Australia and Japan are hotspots for potential extinction...

US, Canada unveil rules targeting oil train safety

...that traverse the country after leaving the Bakken region. To get to refineries on the East and West coasts and the Gulf of Mexico, oil shipments travel through more than 400 counties, including major metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia, Seattle...

Lufthansa CEO faces scrutiny over how plane's co-pilot got job and damage to reputation

...gaffe on a par with that made by BP CEO Tony Hayward after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to harm Spohr. Hayward's poorly received comment that "I'd like my life back" helped cost him his job."Is...

Katrina impact: About 60 percent of Gulf of Mexico's oil production still blocked

NEW ORLEANS - Over 120 Gulf of Mexico oil and gas platforms were still shut down Saturday...have been shut in, the agency said. Normally, the Gulf of Mexico produces 547.5 million barrels of oil and 3.65 trillion...

XXX Hurricane
Ivan's remnants return to Gulf of Mexico

...regenerated storm was expected to make landfall in the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday night. Ivan already has kicked seas up...Hurricane Center issued a tropical storm warning for the Gulf of Mexico shoreline from the mouth of the Mississippi River in...

XXX Hurricane
No SC hurricane landfalls expected

...hurricane to make landfall on the East Coast or in the Gulf of Mexico this year. The forecast Tuesday anticipates a "below...hurricane to hit the East Coast and another to strike in the Gulf of Mexico. The forecast expects nine to 11 tropical storms with...

Church is built to withstand hurricanes

...bedrock, the waterfront church just yards from the Gulf of Mexico is built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane with winds...remnants of Tropical Storm Karen were plowing through the Gulf of Mexico. Instead, he baptized a visitor in the Gulf after...

Oil companies head to deeper Gulf waters

...companies are venturing deeper into the Gulf of Mexico as they explore for and produce...deepest producing platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Independence Hub, which began...undiscovered resources in the region. The Gulf of Mexico accounts for about 25 percent of...