Public input sought on Allendale landfill

...up and removing contaminated soil. Still, the EPA's website says contamination has affected ground water on site and off the site, and ground water contamination poses a threat to the public water supply well near the site.In a public notice...

For a large-scale farm development to succeed, it involves communication and compromises

...contingency plan, the farm also will dig a backup well to use ground water for irrigation, reducing river water usage by another...the farm's second tract of land, and irrigate with ground water rather than withdraw from the Edisto.These are just...

Tommy Berrie Sr.

...operator of Berrie Well Drilling. He was a member of Believers Worship Center. Mr. Berrie was a member of the SC Ground Water Association and enjoyed "tinkering" with things. In addition to his parents, late wife and former wife, family...

Fire erupts at Wrens storage tank

...department was there to be sure that any hazards that might be coming from the product in that tank would not get into the ground water or the sewer system. Wayne Davis with public works was there to make sure we had plenty of water supply to fight the...

Heavy rains lead to pricey septic issues for some

...elevation.That option could be financially challenging, Burnley said."There are a lot of people out there that have ground water problems every time it rains," he said. "We have some customers that we pump several times every year."The good...

Residents fight to save Augusta's 'deficient' tree population

...advocates that the city evaluate its tree population yearly and preserve the plants that bring in wildlife, recharge ground water, prevent erosion and street flooding, reduce crime and slow traffic and overall increase property values."It's...

North Augusta officials take steps to ensure city's water supply

...accident or something harmful spills into the river, the city would be able to stop pumping, and instead rely on the in-ground water tank for about five days ? longer if consumers restricted their water use, said Chris Lind, the city's superintendent...

New active ingredient makes fire ant granules less effective

...whole colony is supposed to die within about two days. The club soda leaves no poisonous residue, does not contaminate ground water and does not kill other insects. It all sounds good but it won't work. The ants simply move.Then you hear the...

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Backyard dangers to watch for

...proper disposal of leftover or unwanted product. Never discard these products into storm drains, which will contaminate ground water. If an accident occurs, consult the label and poison control center.PLANT VILLAINS These insects won't hurt you...

Landfill plans methane study

...landfill, said several underground monitoring wells surrounding the landfill have revealed excessive methane levels in ground water. Methane gas occurs naturally when debris decomposes. In its pure form, the gas is flammable and dangerous to vegetation...