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Prisoner pleads not guilty to hit attempt

...trial and sentenced him to 20 years and 10 years, to be served simultaneously. Judge Benefield, according to Mr. Griffin's attorney, Chris Nicholson, took exception to legal and legitimate attempts to shorten Mr. Griffin's prison sentence...
Milledgeville mayor suffers another loss in campaign against council

...Council and Griffin, Towson said, "There is a strong difference in the philosophies of city government here." Griffin's attorney, James Voyles, argued that the ordinance creating the city manager position was unconstitutional because it abolished...
Penalized lender plans to appeal

...the name Cash In Advance, is owned by Jacksonville, Fla., businessman Jack W. Griffin. On Thursday, Mr. Griffin's attorney, Stephen Ivie, of Ashburn, Ga., said the company planned to appeal the decision but declined further comment...
Board yet to set date for hearing

...on unpaid leave and decided to wait until after the criminal proceeding to hold an administrative hearing. Mr. Griffin's attorney, Christopher Blanchard, sent school board Attorney Pete Fletcher a letter Friday asking that Mr. Griffin be reinstated...
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Board rejects offer from accused teacher

...into a cul-de-sac in south Augusta, fondled her and pulled her head into his lap to perform oral sex. Mr. Griffin's attorneys questioned Pvt. Williams about why she waited for him to finish his work before taking her home and why she told...
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Teacher's job status uncertain

...4,647 in accumulated income. The memorandum also says the school district will not oppose a request by Mr. Griffin's attorneys to have the criminal proceedings take place prior to any hearing that would be scheduled before the Professional...
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Teacher's job awaits hearing

...said Tuesday that the school board has given Mr. Griffin's attorney two dates for a hearing this month. Mr. Griffin's attorney, Chris Blanchard, did not return two telephone...
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