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Study: real-time energy pricing could reduce consumption

...pricing, they said widespread use of demand&812;response" programs would cut electricity bills and ease pressure on grid systems during peak demand periods. The study by the Government Accountability Office focused on pilot programs in Georgia...
Clemson develops building institute

...the dean of Clemson's College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities. "Our roads and our bridges and our electrical grid systems and our sewer systems and our water systems are all under stress," she said, adding that by 2030, half the buildings...
Water problems are inexcusable

...outstanding and closely watched by their own chemist as well as the Environmental Protection Agency. Fire hydrants and grid systems are flow tested every year and the hydrants are freshly painted. Hydrants in need of repair or replacement and any...
Wind power buffeted by technical and economic challenges

...Most systems forgo expensive batteries that can store power for times when winds are still. In the more common on-grid systems, wind power flows into an existing electrical box and home outlets. Any surplus flushes into the local power line...
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