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Give Gresham Barrett your vote in governor's race

I have known Gresham Barrett for the past eight years. Gresham Barrett is a good man, conservative to his core. He is...district for the years he has served in Congress.Gresham Barrett is a military man, having attended the Citadel...
Gresham Barrett, Shane Massey for re-election

I wholeheartedly support Gresham Barrett's re-election to Congress. After three terms in office, Gresham's integrity, honor and commitment to public service simply...
Letters | Aiken County Council
Barrett understands SRS issues

Gresham Barrett is the best candidate to represent the interests of the Savannah River...future of SRS is largely dependent upon our representation in Congress. Gresham Barrett is the best choice to ensure that we maintain an active and competent...
Experience, idealism a big plus

Gresham Barrett is the best candidate in the crowded Republican Primary for South Carolina...veterans rightfully receive the benefits they're owed. Simply put, Gresham Barrett is the best man to represent the residents of congressional District...
Barrett's record proves he delivers

Gresham Barrett's pro-family tax plan makes him the best candidate for South Carolina's...reduce the more burdensome federal taxes. In the June 25 runoff, Gresham Barrett deserves our votes. Keith Coones, Aiken, S.C.
Can take Barrett's word to the bank

Gresham Barrett is the best candidate for Congress to fill South Carolina U.S. Rep...When other House members were off campaigning for office this year, Gresham Barrett was mindful of his constituents' needs. He cut back on his campaigning...
Barrett's record, Bush ties are assets

Gresham Barrett's close ties to President George W. Bush will be a key asset once...Strom Thurmond, R-S.C., retiring, we need to elect men like Gresham Barrett to defend our interests in Washington, D.C. Theresa McMullin...
GOP candidate Barrett draws raves

State Rep. Gresham Barrett, R-Westminster, is by far the best candidate for Congress in...demonstrated an ability to fight for a commonsense, conservative agenda. Gresham Barrett will work for tax cuts, regulatory relief, a balanced budget...
Barrett a conservative gentleman

I'm proud to support Gresham Barrett in his campaign to succeed Rep. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C...interests. Election Day is Nov. 5. Let's unite behind Gresham Barrett, and send a message loud and clear all the way to Washington...
Governor candidate Barrett talks issues in Aiken

AIKEN --- U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett was in Aiken on Tuesday, stumping to be South Carolina's...Barrett simply said, "The only thing I can control is Gresham Barrett." But he later added, "I think people are ready for some...