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Rimes returns to Nashville and roots - sort of

...she and her father have reconciled. Perhaps due to her youth, country fans seem to overlook Rimes' misfires, said Greg Frey, assistant program director at country station KILT in Houston. "She's a young lady, and she's entitled to experiment...
Fights, upset part of history

...remaining. "We never really understood that pass," Albergamo said. Bobby Olive returned the punt 30 yards to the LSU 38. Greg Frey then tossed a 20-yard scoring pass to Olive for the win with 38 seconds left.
Mail must have added postage

...Service quickly is moving ahead to impose the higher rate "because we're so far in the hole" financially, spokesman Greg Frey said. Mail processed Sunday, Jan. 7, or later must have the correct higher postage or it will be returned to sender...
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