St. John Towers reviews safety after Evans retirement home fire

...determined, safety inspections are generally limited when it comes to many residential properties, Augusta officials said.Greg Capers, the administrator of St. John Towers in Augusta, said he spent time Wednesday reviewing the downtown high-rise's...

Senior-living developments likely to boom, including in Augusta

...moderate-income seniors. The nonprofit, operated by Atlanta-based Wesley Woods Senior Living, opened in 1974.Administrator Greg Capers said that occupancy at the 264-unit building remains at about 96 percent.Capers said that with another wave of baby...

Across Georgia

...now trying to track to whom the $20,000 in drugs was sent. The department's Expanded Patrol Operations team descended on a house after receiving a tip from a confidential informant, said Sgt. Greg Capers, the unit's supervisor.

Leaders shrug off population numbers

...many. "We have people moving in as well," he said. OK. GOODBYE GREG: There are three reasons lifelong resident Greg Capers - the last of six Capers siblings to leave Richmond County - sold his west Augusta house and moved to Columbia County...

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Hannah has a heart for service

...District 2, I would vote for Charlie Hannah. So, I encourage District 2 voters to give this young man an opportunity to prove himself and to improve our city. Otherwise, we can only expect the same old, same-old. Greg Capers, Augusta

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Electing Hall is a step toward progress

...community. It will take great courage for our voters to look beyond the race of the candidate and vote their consciences. Electing Randy Hall to Georgia Senate District 22 will be a giant step toward progress for Augusta. Greg Capers, Augusta

Suggests Regency Mall for casino

...congested that we'll have to limit gambling patrons. On even days they can play blackjack and the slots, and on odd days roulette and craps. What do you think, governor? We've got to do something with Regency Mall. Greg Capers, Augusta

Wants to bring back 'major leaguer'

...couple of years; or (2) take some of the beer tax and build a monument to ignorance in front of what surely will become downtown's next empty, boarded-up building. My advice to Mr. Williams: rent, don't buy. Greg Capers, Augusta

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Likes candidate for economic diversity

...all the taxes (income, property, employment, etc.) necessary to underwrite every aspect of government. A healthy private sector makes for healthy government. ... To achieve this, we need to elect Mr. Young. Greg Capers, Augusta

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Faults politics for Augusta's problems

...The problems we have in Augusta-Richmond County, however, can't be blamed on factors like geography, population or the economy. Everyone else in the area seems to be doing great. It must be the politicians. Greg Capers,Augusta

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