Greenpeace urges Ukraine to replace Chernobyl with natural gas

KIEV, Ukraine -- Greenpeace is urging Ukraine to build a natural...under construction at other plants, Greenpeace energy expert Tobias Muenchmeyer...President Leonid Kuchma rejected Greenpeace's proposal immediately Tuesday...

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Greenpeace founder touts developing nuclear energy

As an avowed anti-nuclear activist in the 1970s, Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore never dreamed he would become...power for mining and other programs.Moore stayed with Greenpeace for 15 years in various leadership roles before leaving...

Greenpeace does not advocate disposal at Yucca

...House's decision pleases all sides," correctly reports that Greenpeace International agrees with vitrifying high-level nuclear...of Waynesboro. He is currently a senior campaigner for Greenpeace International Nuclear Campaign.)

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Greenpeace: Global warming threatens fish, polar bears

...Arctic food chain and threaten fish, seals and polar bears, Greenpeace said Tuesday. The environmental group said scientists are...predictions from retired polar bear biologist Jack Lentfer. Greenpeace said scientists believe the continued melting of sea ice will...

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Greenpeace challenges plutonium shipping plan

...at SRS one day to run energy-providing nuclear reactors in North Carolina and upstate South Carolina. Tom Clements, of Greenpeace International in Washington, said that moving the radioactive plutonium across the Atlantic is unsafe and that the group...

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Unusual SRS accord

...the militant environmentalist group Greenpeace and proponents of the Savannah River...coincide," said Tom Clements, of Greenpeace International. "We've long been...vitrified and then moved. Although Greenpeace and pro-SRS politicians agree the...

Finally seeing the light

...who co-founded militantly activist Greenpeace in 1971, was announced last week at the...lot of the same environmental views as Greenpeace- except on nuclear energy, which Greenpeace strongly opposes. Moore broke with his...

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Tests find unapproved corn in veggie corn dogs

...corn dogs, the anti-biotech group Greenpeace said Thursday. The frozen product...soy that is approved for food use, Greenpeace said. "Americans have asked Kellogg's...consumers," said Charles Margulis, a Greenpeace spokesman. Kellogg's spokeswoman...

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Plutonium shipments could head overseas

AIKEN - Anti-nuclear activists with Greenpeace International said Fridaythat the Department of Energy intends...been discussing the issue with (the Belgian government)." Greenpeace spokesman Tom Clements said he believes the shipments could...

Russian city paying price for role as chemical center

...its citizens are paying the price. Greenpeace, the international environmental organization...have been linked to cancer in humans. Greenpeace estimated that life expectancy in Dzerzhinsk...ecological situation." Ivan Blokov, a Greenpeace spokesman, said authorities in Dzerzhinsk...

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