Greece continues with vote on austerity after creditors reject bid for quick deal

ATHENS, Greece - Eurozone finance ministers decided Wednesday to break off talks on more aid for Greece until after it holds a weekend referendum...said a "No" result would not mean that Greece would have to leave the euro, as many...

Greek debt crisis sends US markets to worst day of year

NEW YORK - Fears that Greece's troubles could spread through the...series of events over the weekend left Greece perilously close to defaulting on its...said the real worry isn't so much Greece, a country with an economy roughly...

No deal on Greek proposal as its bailout is about to expire; country set to default on IMF loans

ATHENS, Greece - Greece slipped deeper into its financial abyss after the bailout program it...With its failure to repay the roughly $1.8 billion to the IMF, Greece became the first developed country to fall into arrears on payments...

After big slide in Athens stock market, Greece prepares to present creditors fresh proposals

ATHENS, Greece - Greece said Friday it will present its creditors with new proposals over the...who was not authorized to discuss the matter on the record, said Greece believes an agreement is "closer than ever" and that Greek representatives...

Europe calls emergency summit over Greece

...emergency summit next week after talks about Greece's bailout ended in acrimony Thursday...to "urgently discuss the situation of Greece at the highest political level" ? frustrated...due to the International Monetary Fund.Greece's future in the euro currency, which...

No deals reached for Greece in bailout as it nears default date

...ground between international creditors and Greece were unsuccessful and left a wide rift...decisive to see if a bailout deal for Greece can be found.The rift after the weekend's...value-added tax.However, he said Greece has made "supplementary proposals that...

Greece, EU executive clash on austerity claims; uncertainty keeps markets nervous

ATHENS, Greece - Greece's leader and a top EU official ignited a war of words Tuesday, a...counter austerity. ... It's an issue that does not only concern Greece but all the peoples of Europe," he said in parliament.But Jean-Claude...

US unemployment falls to 7-year low, but paychecks flat

...sales have jumped to their highest levels since 2007. And the economy is expected to grow at a 2.5 percent annual rate in the second quarter.Yet Greece's debt crisis and a slowdown in China could also weigh on U.S. growth this year.

Greece will combine 4 IMF payments

ATHENS, Greece - Greece pulled the emergency cord Thursday in its fraught bailout talks, opting...The delay is allowed under IMF rules, but it's a stark sign of how Greece is struggling to make ends meet without the rescue loans that have...

US stock indexes regain some ground as investors follow Greek debt saga

...slump was prompted by a breakdown in talks between Greece and its creditors. Greece's European bailout program ends Tuesday, and...its creditors. Investors are concerned that if Greece defaults on its debts the nation will drop out of...