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Solid faith helps woman walk again

...I needed a miracle of physical healing from the Great Physician. The phone rang on Christmas Eve 1996. To my amazement...exact procedure I had in mind! We truly felt that the Great Physician was using this human physician to answer our prayers...
Your Faith
Greenbrier High student Andrew Rogers beats cancer's odds doctors and each other because that's all they could do. After that, they said it was up to God."We had a great physician in charge," Linda Rogers said.Dr. Gregory Halligan, the chief of oncology at St. Christopher's Hospital for...
Says nation 'has suffered enough'

...nation, with great cost to them. We are now nursing another grievous wound. This time it is Congress that can be the great physician. As one nation, under God, indivisible, please rebuke or censure. Don't impeach! The Clintons, the Lewinskys...
Opinion columns
Augusta supports mission

...weighed only 8 pounds. "The doctor said, `Don't take that one. She's dying,"' she said. "But I know a great physician." Now Elizabeth weighs 40 pounds, walks and talks, and is about to begin kindergarten. On a nationwide tour to...
Straight-A med student cites discipline

...But academics is just one part of what she learned, she said. "(The awards) would only matter if I become a great physician," she said. "I love the science, I love the medicine, but I really, really love the patients."
Things to Do
William Golden

...24/37 - 4/15/10 We tell our lonely, aching hearts God took him from us for the best; That only He, the Great Physician, Could ease his pain and give him rest. Alas the hours without him are too empty to be measured, And we wish a...
Physician's work shows Jesus is a role model

...and healed their sick. -- Matthew 14:14 Dr. Thomas A. Huff embodies the compassionate healing ministry of the Great Physician. For 25 years, he has treated me for Type-1 diabetes. Through his compassion, expertise and advice, I enjoy...
Dedicated doctor will be missed

The radiation therapists at Georgia Radiation Therapy Center would like to let the CSRA know that we are losing a great physician and friend. His name is Dr. John Barrett. He is a radiation oncologist here, and he is leaving to pursue a new...