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Spurs' Greg Popovich is coach of the year for the third time

...We've learned a lot. We're proud of the plans we've put forward to date, and we're thrilled to announce this great leap forward. We are looking forward to engaging with the neighborhood and, ultimately, making this site 'Warriors Ground...
Citizens fearing tyranny embracing Second Amendment

...Pick any slaughter ? Armenian genocide in Turkey; the Nazi holocaust; Stalin's forced famine; China's "Great Leap Forward"; the killing fields of Cambodia; ethnic mass murder in Rwanda. All involved the systematic disarmament of...
Blue should fade away

...without fear of retribution. No one seems to know with certainty where the term "blue laws" originated. But the term is as antiquated as the laws themselves. Next month, we trust Aiken County will take a great leap forward in time.
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Coach might be missing Lynx

...decline in the gate that Gamsby and his staff are gradually building back. The GM believes hiring Ferguson is a great leap forward. The two "old guys" like the old ways of doing things right. And there was a time beyond the last four years...
Scott Michaux
After private rocket flight, is space tourism next?

...chubby-looking, stubby-winged aircraft that cracked the commercial space flight barrier this week may have made a great leap forward in aviation history, but the man who designed it believes we are still a long way from regular space tourism. SpaceShipOne...
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Savannah prepares for St. Pat's

...the extra day in February, St. Patrick's Day has leaped forward to Friday. That means the crowds could take a great leap forward in size. "This will be the first time it's been on a weekend" since the gating policy went into effect, said...
World Cup team feted at White House

...manufacturer. She labeled the World Cup players "our girls of summer," adding they have helped women's sports take a great leap forward. "Not only have they captured our imaginations, they definitely have stolen our hearts," the first lady said...
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Capitalists getting help with reforms

...banker, was persecuted after the Communists' 1949 victory and starved to death during the famine caused by China's Great Leap Forward in the early 1960s. During the tumultuous 1966-76 Cultural Revolution, when "capitalist roader" was one of...
Small portions

...old-fashioned containers took to transport the same amount of milk. Five years later, Mr. Rausing made an even greater leap forward by figuring out how to fill these boxes under completely sterile or "aseptic" conditions. This meant a much...
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CCAIR business thriving

...Aladdin Travel Agency in Martinez, but CCAIR passengers do seem to appreciate the new planes. "It certainly is a great leap forward for their aircraft," Mr. Harrington said, adding that about three-fourths of his customers inquire about the...