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Kenneth Towns expected to answer call for Georgia

...was the first time people had actually heard of him.""I expect Kenneth Towns to do some great things. He's got a great head on his shoulders and he's still hungry. He's constantly working for every play he gets."
Reputation is silver, black & blue

...when Davis' new coach strolled by. "I want you to meet Mike Shanahan," Davis told Parcells. "He's going to be a great head coach." Shanahan, 35 at the time, has indeed distinguished himself, but not with Davis' Raiders. Twenty games...
These movies' characters have forgotten more than we know

...memory, the things we retain and the things we lose. I don't do well with names and numbers; however, I've got a great head for faces and esoteric facts. What sort of esoteric facts? Well, here are five favorite films about memory, and I...
Steven Uhles
Nicholas holds off Lopez for dramatic win

...little of that applause was for me." And in the end Sunday, it was. The 35-year-old Englishwoman won one of the great head-to-head duels in Women's Open history against perhaps the greatest woman ever to play the game. "She is a legend...
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Lackey takes charge

...wants to prove it is still one of the area's top teams despite a coaching change. Lackey wants to show he can be a great head coach. Former coach Eric Parker said a year ago the current juniors on this team would contend for a state title one...
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Theus sizzles in the desert

...surprised one bit. Theus spent two seasons as Rick Pitino's assistant at Louisville "Reggie has all the assets to be a great head coach at the collegiate or pro level," Pitino said. "He's willing to pay the price for what it takes to be a good...
College basketball
Weather uproots area greens

...the public the following day."I think people will really enjoy it once the greens come back. The golf course is great," head professional Robby Watson said. "One good thing is, we've had basically two months off and we haven't had too...
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Sound Bites: Music Reviews

...a mystery. "Just One" is aptly named, since it's the only track worth a double take. The daredevil pace and a great head-banging hook back semisolid lyrics about going out on a limb and being prepared to leap at an opportunity. Robb nails...

...wait to get started," Norton said. Norton said from working in the region he thought a couple of schools would be be great head-coaching opportunities if they became available. "And Lander was one of those schools," Norton said. Norton said...
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Trades part of business in hockey

...player and a professional guy, and he knows how to carry himself when things like this happen. He's smart and has a great head on his shoulders, so you know he's going to land on his feet. He knows what to expect when a trade happens and knows...