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A true hometown hero

...insignificant in 1962. Sanders had been, quite literally, Augusta's savior.Sanders was one of Georgia's greatest governors. He guided our state through a period of booming growth. He projected precisely the image Georgia needed at a...
Ga. GOP chairman candidates debate

...the three candidates to lead the state party."I respect Gov. Deal," Hanley said. "We all want him to be a great governor, not a good one. But if he's not the governor we want him to be in 3 1/2 years, maybe he needs a challenge...
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Sanford backs education candidate

...the greatest superintendent of education in the U.S.," he told the audience, just after she called him the "greatest governor in the United States of America." Mrs. Floyd, a businesswoman from Spartanburg who has twin 9-year-old boys...
Five questions with Mel Blount his run for governor of Pennsylvania? "I introduced him when he made his announcement. I think he'll make a great governor. He has great leadership qualities. He's a solid guy. I think he'll be a good man for the job."
Sanford reaches out to people of South Carolina

...O'Donovan, who said he was a roommate of Jenny's father at Georgetown University. "I always thought he was special, but special people get more special. He was a good congressman ... and I think he's going to be a great governor."
Talmadge at 100: Forgotten, tarnished political force

He saved Georgia from going down the road to racial ruin like Mississippi and Alabama. He was one of the greatest governors of the 20th century.? Bill Shipp, on Herman Talmadge Almost 40 years ago, I sat in the office of Georgia U...
Would voters elect a debtor governor?

...miscalculations and the secrecy that Deal wrapped himself around to keep getting elected? He says he will make a great governor in a time of economic distress? If an elected official can't manage his own financial situation, how will he manage...
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2-term leader dies at age 76

...that's how he was," Mr. Kahn said. "He was a great governor and believed in a strong party." Just before leaving...served with Mr. Busbee in the House. "He was a great governor," he said. Staff writer Preston Sparks contributed...
Rants and raves

...themselves like Christians while they are driving. I AM FROM GEORGIA, but I think Gov. Sanford of South Carolina is a great governor. He has integrity, like John Ashcroft, the attorney general.
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Peeler would be a great governor

With less than a week until the primaries, many people are seeing the TV ads being run by candidates seeking the Republican nomination for South Carolina governor.Pearlious Bledsoe, Graniteville, S.C.