Space storm could hit GPS, power but little expected impact

...moderate to strong, he said."These expected levels of geomagnetic storming may cause some radio communication problems and GPS signal degradation," Berger said. "These storm levels also may lead to some voltage irregularities in the electrical power...

Cool summer raises expectations of record corn, soybean harvest; seed, GPS technology factors

...acre and arm them with resistance to drought, disease, and pests. In addition, larger planters and tractors equipped with GPS programs can run at night if needed, helping farmers adjust planting when weather delays field work."When conditions are...

Dine & Dish: Sawasdee is hidden gem for Thai food

"There it is," I said to Sean. Even with our GPS, we might have missed Sawasdee, a Thai restaurant in Warrenville...soup alone is worth the drive. Just make sure to program your GPS to get you there.ON THE MENUWHERE: Sawasdee, 730 Augusta...

Anglers' license to lie isn't a popular concept anymore

...of fishermen as liars is fading ? and not for the reasons you might think.We have social media, iPhones, trail-cams, GPS ? even radio controlled drones lurking above our lakes and streams.The ubiquitous "one that got away" might still have...

Shopgirl: Roadtrippers app helps you find fun stops during your travels

...and stops I'm missing along the way.Roadtrippers is a fabulous new app that acts as a friendly local tour guide alongside GPS technology, alerting you to things you and your traveling companions might want to check out. Just plug in your destination...

Quadcopters - not drones - flying off retail shelves

...vertical propellers that allow the small aircraft capable of carrying a high-resolution camera and other sensors, such as GPS, to lift, dip and glide at angles.The devices have been soaring off retail shelves as more outdoor enthusiasts use cameras...

God gives us GPS for life

...You are exceeding the speed limit!" This warning from the GPS app on my friend's cell phone broke our quiet reverie as we...sophisticated these tracking devices had become. Not only did the GPS know exactly where we were, but it also knew what the speed...

Teddy bear cracks Athens theft case

ATHENS, Ga. - Police say they used a GPS device hidden inside a Teddy bear to track down the toy and apprehend...Athens Banner-Herald reports a company manager concealed the GPS device inside the bear, placed it in a bag of clothing and tossed...

State to buy GPS in effort to save fuel

...money by spending roughly $4 million on GPS units for the school buses and road construction...award a contract this week for 12,250 GPS tracking devices, with just more than half...and school districts nationwide are using GPS to cut waste and abuse. New York City is...

GPS is my co-pilot, so pray for us

...suspected the kids were planning to give me a GPS navigation system for my car. It was only...turned out, the kids didn't give me a GPS; my wife did. She apparently wanted to...to sense location. The increased use of GPS lets us turn off the hippocampus, eventually...

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