Newest collars monitor pets for pain, irregularities

LOS ANGELES - You can use wearables with GPS to keep track of wandering dogs. Others help you track animals...does not have the collar on, Herring said.PetPace did not put GPS on its smart collar in part to save on battery power, said Dr...


...Gene Spires Bus System: The Richmond County Board of Education (RCBoE) added 30 new buses this fall with new routes and GPS on all buses. This facilitates getting children to school in the morning and home in the afternoon more efficiently. There...

Dead deer retrieved from roadways down in Columbia, Richmond counties

...statistics with conception data from three counties, deer movement data from a sample Harris County deer group equipped with GPS equipment and a traditional "rut map" based on Department on National Resources data.According to the study, there were...

Take responsibility for your driving behavior to prevent further deaths

...driving. Drivers, now more than ever, are driving distracted or impaired. They're talking on the phone, texting, using GPS or doing a variety of other things. They are not focused on driving.DriveAlert ArriveAlive implores drivers to take responsibility...

Congress votes to delay rail safety mandate by 3 to 5 years, fund transportation programs

...former Transportation Department chief of staff, to head the Federal Railroad Administration.Positive train control relies on GPS, radio signals and computers to monitor a train's position and automatically slow or stop trains that are in danger of colliding...

Trade deals wipes out tariffs on more than 200 tech products

...WASHINGTON - Dozens of countries have agreed to abolish duties on more than 200 technology products - from advanced computer chips to GPS devices, printer cartridges and video-game consoles.The agreement announced Friday marks the World Trade Organization's...

State to buy GPS in effort to save fuel

...money by spending roughly $4 million on GPS units for the school buses and road construction...award a contract this week for 12,250 GPS tracking devices, with just more than half...and school districts nationwide are using GPS to cut waste and abuse. New York City is...

GPS is my co-pilot, so pray for us

...suspected the kids were planning to give me a GPS navigation system for my car. It was only...turned out, the kids didn't give me a GPS; my wife did. She apparently wanted to...to sense location. The increased use of GPS lets us turn off the hippocampus, eventually...

Glynn Moore
GPS work might affect pilots

...have trouble finding their position using GPS during evening hours for a few weeks. The Department of Defense is conducting GPS tests Jan. 20 through Feb. 11 and Feb. 15 through 22. The tests may make GPS signals unreliable or unavailable from...

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Defense tests might hinder planes' GPS

The Department of Defense is conducting GPS tests through Feb. 11 and Feb. 15- 22. The tests might make GPS signals unreliable or unavailable from 7-9...or NOTAMS, for updates and report any GPS anomalies to air traffic control centers