Sanford got payout from lender after taking office

...statement, spokesman Josh Ellis said the governor fully complied with state law and "continues...April 2012 after finishing his term as governor. He was issued restricted shares that...personal holdings.McCrory won election as governor in November 2012. Company records show...

We don't need permission

...civil-rights activists.Just what the heck are they thinking up there in the Land of Lincoln?The bill Illinois lawmakers sent the governor earlier this month makes it a felony to secretly tape "private conversations" with steeper punishments for recording the...

Haley names new director of state's troubled Department of Social Services

...will move over to DSS as Alford's special assistant. Holly Pisarik will earn $115,000 in her new role, according to the governor's office. That means she's taking a $10,000 pay cut.Last week, Haley announced that the Department of Labor, Licensing...

Hospital too much

...plate that it can handle. Adding a hospital in Columbia County is neither to its benefit nor those who live there.I see the governor's hand in this. Certainly he favors his own. But there is the greater responsibility to the citizens.University Hospital...

No quick solution to Georgia highway woes

...transportation revenue. It's not an election year. The governor just got re-elected, so he's at the height of his popularity...report.Observers sense that the committee is deferring to the governor who is deferring to the committee."It's December. It...

Local school districts still weighing flexibility options

...Local systems, district superintendents, boards of education, were basically being pressured by the General Assembly and the Governor's Office to improve test scores, and they said 'we could easily improve test scores if you just get the state off our back...

City Ink: Politicians stuffed with favors at potluck

...proper time.Q: After the controversy surrounding your vote on the charter school bill as state senator, do you think the governor will ever forgive you?A: As I've said before, I voted for the charter school bill when it didn't count and against...

Kay Allen denied payment of attorney's fees after complaint agrainst her dismissed

...Nathan Deal. The county also agreed to allow Allen to retire with her state benefits intact and to withdraw its letter to the governor seeking her removal from office.Allen's husband, District 3 County Commissioner Charles Allen also resigned as part of...

Chickens coming home to roost

...utterly repudiated in the South, certainly: Democrats, says one report, "will be left without a single U.S. senator or governor across nine states ? stretching from the Carolinas to Texas."Yet, this was not merely a regional repudiation. Democrats...

Tax hikes looms to fix Georgia roads

...two-thirds of the General Assembly and approval from voters. Seasoned political observers predict it would be doomed without the governor's leadership.Follow Walter Jones on Twitter @MorrisNews and Facebook or contact him at walter.jones@morris.com.