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Cybersecurity war waged in office parks

...of numbers, monitoring live data fed through the federal "Einstein" program, a software system that searches government networks for malware, viruses and hacks. Others spot defaced Web sites and data leaks. Frequently, teams travel directly...
Government, industry warn of mass hacker attacks on July 6

...planned attacks and already has detected surveillance probes by hackers looking for weaknesses in corporate and government networks. "We emphasize that all Web site administrators should ensure that their sites are not vulnerable," wrote Peter...
Business briefs

...The new Web site - - will provide businesses with access to the federal acquisition tools and government networks to tap into the $200 billion federal marketplace. For more information on government contracting for female business...
Leaders joining forces to fight Internet attacks

...Though their efforts preceded the appearance of the "Love Bug" virus, the attack that crippled corporate and government networks around the globe earlier this month may have boosted efforts to implement Internet safeguards and create ways to...
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FBI plans massive search

...Experts said the attacks probably began with the downloading of a hacking tool that probes university, corporate and government networks for unprotected machines. These machines are then instructed to coordinate the simultaneous bombardment. [bf...
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Georgia Tech getting on faster information highway

...Internet will break ground in other ways. It will, for the first time, directly link to a number of powerful government networks, including those run by NASA, the Energy Department and the Department of Defense's research agency. And NSF...
Hackers break into Pentagon system

...the government acknowledges. And Vranesevich said the intrusion could be one of the most serious break-ins of a government network to date. Vranesevich was recently involved in tracking the Israeli hacker known as "Analyzer," who broke into...
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