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USOC picks Los Angeles for 2024 bid

...remain vague.The bid calls for building a $1 billion athletes village on a rail yard the city doesn't own, and government analysts have warned that developing the site could significantly exceed the projected cost.A private developer would...
Productivity slows in final quarter of 2003

...increase was related to bad weather in some states, which caused weather-sensitive companies to lay off workers, a government analyst said. Economists were expecting claims to hold steady. Even with the rise, claims have been below 400,000 for...
Heating oil, gasoline prices soar because of weather and threat of war

...oil moved above $35 a barrel, the highest it has been in two years, last week, receding somewhat on Monday. Government analysts forecast that prices probably will stay above $30 a barrel this year, even if a war is avoided in Iraq. At 274...
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New unemployment claims decline by 10,000

...level since March 23. Even with the decline, a government analyst said, the level was inflated as a result of a technical...the layoffs picture for several weeks. But the government analyst said the refiling requirement is having much less...
Bin Laden was unarmed when SEALs stormed room

...pre-dawn raid on that compound was a major counterterrorism victory, there had been no guarantee of success. Government analysts suspected bin Laden was living there but could never prove it. Satellite surveillance provided the military with...
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Heating bills may cost less

...recent weeks. Propane prices also have dropped amid substantial supplies, according to the Energy Department. But government analysts and industry executives cautioned that heating prices could jump again if the winter turns unusually cold.
Home-building frets as recovery dawdles

...Together, new- and used-car prices accounted for 90 percent of the increase in core inflation last month, government analysts said. Analysts said the jump in used-car prices was due partly to the government's Cash for Clunkers rebate...
Leading indicators decline in March for unemployment benefits plunged by 36,000 last week, the biggest drop in three years. The drop, which government analysts cautioned was vastly overstated by special factors, pushed the number of applications down to a seasonally adjusted...
Current account deficit swells to record $136.1 billion

...first quarter, which rose to $309.2 billion. The rise in petroleum imports reflected an increase in price, a government analyst said. In the services category, which measures things such as airline travel, the United States is running a...
Job-seeking teens feel brunt of economy

...were in the labor force last July, the lowest rate since 1971, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Government analysts say more youth are enrolling in summer school and choosing not to work. Also, the poor economy in the last few...