Columnist sells Gospels too short

...this time?"), she concludes that the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were...I interpret that Erbe is implying the Gospels are not eyewitness accounts as they claim to be. Another Erbe comment as to the Gospels being "written down ... several generations...

Why four Gospels, instead of one or six?

...an interview that the Gospels' parallel accounts continue...communities "had their own Gospel that they wanted to keep...don't we have five or six Gospels? Because the church...HarperSanFrancisco. None of the Gospels is attributed (the four...This highly Jewish Gospel, produced around A...

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Were early Christians right to pick four Gospels?

...proportions," the newly published "Gospel of Judas" is irrelevant and...that the four New Testament Gospels "were teaching tools, not...America magazine that "no gospel is history," whether it's...and John. The New Testament Gospels "all have different interpretations...

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Four Gospels' reliability is supported by best-sellers

...1:22). Luke 1:2 reports that Gospel materials were "delivered to us by...universities and liberal seminaries think the Gospels were so heavily larded with interpretation...on the reliability of memory. The Gospel of John, which has a different flavor...

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Choose true Gospel to be saved

Have you ever thought about the Gospel? I mean, what is "The Gospel"?Who you ask will determine what kind of answer you...Jesus instructed His disciples to "go and preach the Gospel to all creation." So what was He talking about, what...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Pioneer in Augusta broadcasting still making music

...shows at Bell Auditorium, performing with rhythm and blues and gospel bands and recording music ? she plans to release an album...Augusta, is a powerhouse!"Lowe originally strictly sang gospel music with her family group called The Silvertone Trio (even...

John tells of the greatest love

...Why do we like the Gospel of John so much? Why, of the four Gospels, do we hand it out...unlike the other Gospels that offer a public...ministry, the Gospel of John offers a...The other three Gospels offer wonderful portraits...

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Easter is time to celebrate resurrection

...That is evident in a quick look at the New Testament. For instance, only two gospels (Matthew and Luke) say anything about Jesus' birth, but each of the four gospels utilize at least 30 percent of their space to tell the story of Jesus' arrest...

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Prolific artist creates music to reach God

...Michael Card learned the meaning of art from the pages of the Gospels. When Jesus bent over and scribbled in the sand amid an angry...started with the Book of Acts, then carried him through the Gospels and Peter's letters. Mr. Card said that most Christians...

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Falcons go old school

ATLANTA - It's one of football's enduring gospels: In order to win, a team must run for big yards and stop the other team from doing the same. Mark down the Atlanta Falcons as...